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Unusually for Novomatic slots, Rainbow King has 4 separate features. 3 of these, the crown pick-me game, castle mystery bonus and king board game, are triggered by hitting different bonus symbols on the reels. The 4th feature, involving a small slot which spins with different symbols from the main game, can be triggered from within the board game bonus. This is a colorful 5-reel video slot with the usual solid Novomatic game play – the extra features can help explain why this is one of the most popular games in their large range.


How to Win on Rainbow King

Before going into the detail of the different features, I have covered the regular wins – some of which can be generous. These wins are based on 20 coins per spin, which is the minimum for the full 20 win-lines.

Wild symbols trigger the biggest prizes; these look like colorful jewels with the word wild written on them. If you hit 5 then 500 coins are yours, and of course there are always chances to make wins on other win lines with wilds – which substitute for the regular symbols though not the 3 types of bonus symbol. 4 wilds are worth 200 coins, with 60 coins for 3 and 2 coins for just 2.

The only other uniquely designed regular symbol is a sack of gold. This does come stacked on the reels on occasion, giving you the chance of triggering multiple wins at the same time. 5 sacks win you 250 coins – and again this symbol pays all the way down to 2 of a kind. Playing cards (designed with some ‘bling’) make up most of the regular wins.

The 4 Bonus Features of Rainbow King

You will find 3 different kinds of bonus symbol, each of which requires 3 or more to trigger its feature. These are a castle complete with colored turrets, a crown + jewels and a very round looking king.

Castle Bonus: This is the simplest of the bonuses, providing an instant mystery win based on which of the castles you pick. They will each say ‘pick me’ and you get to tap on one of them to reveal your prize.

Crown Bonus: This is a second screen pick game, and the prizes can be very high. The first reel will turn into a list of possible wins, with the best being 500x your total bet for the triggering spin. The other 4 reels all show crowns, and you get to pick one of them. This then sinks to the bottom of the reel, a rainbow with gems falling then appears above it, and your prize is revealed. You will see what all of the crowns were worth before returning to the main game.

King Board Game: This is the most elaborate feature by far. Hitting 3 kings sees you go to a board game setup, with squares around the outside and a giant dice in the middle. The dice rolls and you move around the board, collecting wins, crowns for the slot game or hitting a ‘take winnings’ spot which ends the game.

King Mini-Slots: If you hit one of the small slots squares in the board feature, you will see a crown appear on it. Once the board feature ends, you get to spin a 3-reel slot for once for each crown. There are 4 of these slots, which have only 7’s on them. Each will spin until it hits a losing combination. You’ll win 500 coins for 3 red 7’s, 100 for 3 yellow 7’s, 40 for the blues and 20 for any 3 mixed. You can restart the spins once for each crown collected during the board part of the game.


Bright Design

Compared to most Novomatic slots, the overall design is very bright and cheerful. There is a giant rainbow arching behind the reels and two golden crowns sit either side of the multi-colored logo. The shiny and bold symbols and set on a white background, and the bonus symbols are nicely created. You’ll find some bright animations, with splashes of color when you hit a win.

Sounds are different to those on other Novomatic games. There is a fairytale harp type tune when you spin the reels, and different computerized music when you hit winning combinations. The animations for the basic pick games are nothing too special, though these certainly go up a level for the board game – which is visually very well done.

The setup is very standard, with 20 win lines as a default (you can lower this number), and a lot of flexibility in your bet per line and how you configure the auto-spin. Like most Novomatic games you will be offered the chance to gamble your wins on the flip of a playing card.

Overall Experience

This is one of the better slots in the Novomatic range. Visually it is nothing too special (though bright and colorful), what makes it stand out is the engaging game play. Three bonus games (one with a nested 4th) will keep you engaged with the game while you wait for those big wins to come in.

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