Power Stars Slot from Novomatic

This 5-reel video slot has all the hallmarks of a Novomatic game. The simple design featuring traditional fruit symbols is the first sign, along with the familiar computerized ‘tune’ which plays while you spin. Once you see the gamble after win feature kick in (along with the familiar ticking) you will be sure this is a Novomatic title. Power Stars is a simple game, though there are a couple of features which set it apart from the long list of reasonably similar titles. The first is that stars (which are wild) will expand to cover entire reels, and trigger free respins too. Second, prizes are paid from both directions. With 3+ symbols on the reels from the right to the left counting as wins.


p stars

How to Win on Power Stars

With 10 win lines going in both directions, you’ll be hit with some unexpected wins in this game – at least until your mind tunes in to the system. You get the both ways wins for just 10 coins per spin – though 5 of a kind wins will only count once.

The highest paying symbol is the familiar red 7. This is worth 1000 coins for 5 of a kind, 500 for 4 and 100 coins for 3. The blocky looking bell symbols come next in the pay table, at 500 coins for 5, 200 for 4 and 50 for 3. Melons and grapes share a top prize of 200 coins for 5, with the plums and oranges next (150) and the lemons and cherries the bottom of the pile at 100 coins top prize.

Expanding and Respinning Stars

There is only one more symbol on the reels – a gold star. This can appear on the middle 3 reels only. When one appears it expands to cover all 3 positions on the reel. If this is the middle reel, wins can potentially be created in either direction right away. Any wins are counted up (and you’ll get the chance to gamble) and then you’ll see a sign on the reels saying ‘free respin’. You hit the spin button again and the stars stay in place while the remaining reels spin. If you hit a new star the whole process is repeated. First the stars expand, then the wins are calculated and then you’ll respin one more time. The best case scenario is that the middle 3 reels are entirely filled with stars. This would guarantee 4 of a kind wins in both directions – and give you chances of multiple 5 of a kind wins too.

If this description leaves you unclear on the stars feature, then you will find a live demonstration of this in the middle of the slot pay table!

Power Stars Design

The overall design of this game is bright, bold and traditional (in terms of the fruit symbols at least). The background to the reels is a bright red, with a golden logo above which incorporates those all-important stars. The reels have a darker red background, which allows the vivid colors of the fruit symbols to really stand out. These are slightly updated versions of the original type symbols, and are in the same format. For example, the melon is chopped in half and the cherries come in a pair.

When you win with any of the symbols an animation which should be familiar to fans of Novomatic slots kicks in. This is the flame effect – the winning symbols burst into very realistic flames while the lines cycle through. There are no other animations, even the stars expanding to cover more reels is simply extra symbols appearing above or below.

Sounds are straight from the Novomatic audio archive and do sound older than the graphics look.

The default is 10 win-lines, though you can reduce this number. As with all slots with expanding wild symbols I would recommend staying with all 10, as this maximizes your wins when you do get all 3 center reels covered. You can choose auto play and of course you can gamble your wins on the flip of a playing card too.

Overall Experience

Power Stars will appeal to those who like their slot gaming solid and traditional. There are a couple of changes from regular games, with bidirectional wins and the potential for the 3 middle reels completely wild. Other than that the name of the game is lining up those familiar fruit symbols.


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