Power Joker Slot from Novomatic


When you first see this slot, you’d be forgiven for thinking it is a very complex game. There are two sets of 3 reels, 4 pay tables and a jackpot amount all on display. This game has been a common site in bars and casinos throughout Europe for many years – and combines the two sets of reels with several ways to win big. The joker in the title is found on the reels, this awards random prizes – exactly how much is a combination of your coin size and which set of reels you are currently playing on.


How Power Joker Works

At the start of the game you will be playing on the lower set of 3 reels. There are 5 win-lines crossing these, and 2 different pay tables which depend on how many coins you spin for. If you spin for 10 coins, you’ll enjoy (proportionally) bigger prizes than for less than this.

The idea of the lower reels is to hit wins which fill up a ‘Super Meter’. Credits in this Super Meter are then used to play the upper set of reels. Spin costs are 4x as much as for the lower reels, so if you are spinning for 10c on the bottom set then your default is 40c for the upper set. The payouts for this upper set of reels are much bigger. Many players do not count wins on the lower reels as direct prizes, instead this is stake money for the big money upper reels. The final pay table is for 20c spins for the upper set, this comes into play when you do not have enough credits remaining for the 40c spins.

Power Joker Prizes

First the lower reels, where the top prize is still a healthy 2000 coins. You will win this by hitting 3 bells on any of the 5 win lines. There is then a big jump down to the next prize of 200 coins for 3 plums, 80 for oranges and 20 for either lemons or cherries. Joker symbols win a mystery prize. Any completed line of 3 gets you a random amount between 20 and 400 coins. If you spin for less than 10 coins you will use a second pay table on the left of the lower reels – with proportionally smaller amounts. Symbols are stacked on the reels, so it is possible to get the entire 3 by 3 grid covered in the same symbol, triggering prizes for all 5 lines at once.

When you win the lower reels go dark and the upper reels light up. These reels have 2 extra symbols, red sevens (worth 2000 coins) and melons (worth 1000 coins for 3). In general, the prizes are bigger than the lower reels – for example 3 cherries gets you 200 coins instead of just 20. The spread for random prizes for 3 jokers is also bigger, this is between 100 and 2000 coins (assuming 40 coin spins).

If you cover the complete upper grid in joker symbols, then you will win the progressive jackpot. The amount of this is displayed at the top of the game to the immediate right of the logo.

In my experience wins were less frequent on the upper reels – though much bigger when they do it, particularly if you trigger multiple win-lines with the stacked symbols. There is a second pay table to the left which shows your wins if you are only betting 20 coins.

You can choose to collect the amount in the super meter at any point by clicking a button.

Design and Setup of Power Joker

The design is a video rendition of the original mechanical 3-reel slots, with curved reels and very old style traditional symbols. Each of the reels has a numbers to either side and lines showing the win-lines (3 horizontals, 2 diagonal). The overall look is made crowded by the 2 sets of reels plus multiple pay tables all being visible on the same screen.

When you spin you will hear computer sounds which are almost sci-fi, along with the mechanical clicks and whirrs of the reels.

The 5 win-lines are fixed in place, though you can choose the number of coins you play per line and the size of those coins. You’ll be offered the standard Novomatic gamble after win and auto-play options.

Overall Experience

I like the way that the switch to the better paying upper reel set ups the excitement level of this game. While the initial look is somewhat crowded and confusing, this is really a very simple game. Your objective is to make credits on the bottom reels to play on the top reels for bigger prizes. The progressive jackpot and random prizes for lining up 3 jokers certainly adds to the interest.

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