Plenty on Twenty Slot Game from Novomatic

While the game play of this 20-line video slot is very straightforward compared to recent games – the graphics certainly stand out from the crowd. Novomatic have bought the traditional slot symbols to life in this game. These are like mini-cartoon characters on the reels, with eyes and arms and legs. There are some neat tricks with the animations too – and lively sound effects. While there is not a whole lot of features, this slot does have the potential for a 10,000-coin top prize (with the scatters) and includes wild symbols that can trigger several wins at once.


plenty on twenty novomatic slot oyunu

How to Win on Plenty on Twenty

The 20 win lines are fixed in place with this game, though you will get to choose the number of coins you spin for each line. When you hit the spin button the fruits stay momentarily in place, then look surprised like the floor has fallen from beneath them before they disappear with the spin of the reels.

Of the regular symbols, you’ll want to see the booted red sevens as often as possible. This is the highest paying symbol – worth 1000 coins for 5, 400 coins for 4 and 100 coins for just 3 from the left. Red sevens are also wild, meaning they will substitute for all of the other symbols (as usual the scatter symbols are excluded) to make more wins. This means it is possible to trigger several of the 20 win-lines at once on occasion.

Bells, which are holding on to a wire to swing are the next highest prize symbol. Lining up 5 on a win line will get you 400 coins, with 80 for 4 and 20 for 3. Melons and the cool looking plums are next at 200 for 5 – with oranges, lemons and cherries making up the smallest wins at 100 coins for 5.

Note that these symbols are stacked on the reels, which means you’ll often see one or more complete reels covered in a single symbol. With some luck and a couple of the red seven wilds, you can trigger many wins from the same spin this way.

Although this slot is very fresh and modern looking by Novomatic standards, you’ll still hear the tick-tock of the gamble after win feature after every win. This is a 50-50 bet based on predicting the color of an upturned playing card.

Scatter Wins are the Star Attraction

Other than the fun graphics and animations, the main attraction of Plenty on Twenty is the 10,000-coin top prize. To hit this, you’ll need to see 5 of the star symbols across the reels. As scatters these can be anywhere in view, and are not tied to the win-lines. If you hit 4 of the stars a consolation prize of 400 coins is yours, with 100 coins for just 3.

Animations and Graphics

Fruit symbols with eyes is not a new idea – this was first seen in the Party Games Slotto slot. What is new is the animations and turning the fruits into distinctive characters. Each is slightly different, ranging from the somewhat goofy looking melons, through the cool sunglasses of the plum and the lashes and lipstick of the lemon. Each of these symbols have animations. While the reels are idle they will blink or smile (along with a popping noise). When they are involved in a win you can expect a more elaborate celebration – for example a summersault or dance. The backs of each symbol match the colors of the fruits, which gives the game an overall lively feel.

Sounds are a mix of the standard beeping Novomatic slot noises and the ‘wheeee’ and ‘whoops’ of the fruit characters – which makes for quite a contrast. You’ll get a short tune with wins too, which sounds like the end of a song on a TV gameshow.

Your only task before hitting the spin button is to decide how many coins to spin per line – the version I played allowed 1c per line / 20c per spin as the minimum. There is an auto-play option available too.

Overall Experience

This is an entertaining and lively slot, with the fruit characters the main attraction and effectively hiding the fact that the game play is super simple. The 10,000-coin top prize does add some interest, though most of the prizes are smaller (though reasonably frequent). This is a step up in graphics and animations compared to most Novomatic games, and for the entertaining fruits alone is worth taking for a quick spin!

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