Mystery Star Slot from Novomatic
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Novomatic have a formula for many of the slot machines – and have successfully adapted this to many different free slot games. Mystery Star is a great example of a slot which takes their core ideas (lining up old style fruit symbols) and gives it a bit of a make-over and an extra feature or two. In this case the makeover is to add some astronomy / stars type graphics around the frame of the reels. The extra is a mystery win, which comes along any time you hit 3 of the star symbols at the same time. There are no free spins, wild or scatter symbols for this game – it really is just a solid and straightforward slot.


How to Win on Mystery Star

There are 5 win lines over the 5 reel by 3 row grid. All of the prizes listed below for the different combinations of 3+ symbols are per coin. Keep in mind that you may well be playing 10+ coins per line when you take this slot for a spin.

The single largest prize is the red 7 symbol, this is worth 5000 coins for 5 in a row, 800 coins for 4 and 80 for just 3. This prize is substantially higher than the next level, which is shared between the melons and bells (which have what could be wings or maybe ribbons on them). These symbols are worth 1000 coins for a set of 5. Plums and oranges come next (200 for 5) with lemons and cherries relegated to the lowest prizes – in this case 100 for 5 going down to 5 coins for just 2.

Scatter Mystery Prizes

There is only a single feature on Mystery Star, which is a random win triggered by landing 3 or more of the star symbols anywhere on the reels. These symbols are not tied to any win-line, so it is the total in view which counts. Instead of a set prize for each number of stars, this slot gives a possible range of prizes for each one.

If you hit 3 stars anywhere in view these will start to glow, with the message ‘mystery prize’ appearing on the screen. You will win between 10 and 400 coins for 3, between 100 and 2000 coins for 4 and between 400 and 5000 coins for all 5. I’m happy to see that the lack of other features is balanced a little by the potential for a 5000-coin prize from this game!


Design and Setup of Mystery Star

The overall look and feel of this game will be instantly familiar to players who enjoy Novomatic slots. Having a glowing nebula-like field of stars hinted at in the background is the only real acknowledgement that this is a different theme from the many similar games. The logo above the reels also has some glowing stars, covering blocky blue letters with gold surrounds. Once you start playing, the astronomy references all but disappear. There is a slightly glowing star symbol on the reels (which awards the mystery prizes) though this is very similar to stars appearing in many different slots. The fruit symbols are not the oldest designs, these have a certain 3D quality, though they are very much traditional.

There are no animations as such beyond a glowing star. The sounds are straight from the main Novomatic library. Like many of the more recent models of their ‘traditional’ type slots, the reels do come to a stop with a satisfying thud!

The setup is as basic as the game-play. There are 5 win lines crossing the reels, which are fixed (not adjustable). Your only action before hitting either the spin or the auto -play is to decide what going size to spin for. You’ll have the chance to gamble after any win by choosing the color of a face-down playing card.

Overall Experience

The best thing to say about Mystery Star is that if you enjoy playing the many Novomatic slots which are the same game as this with a different theme – then you should also enjoy playing this one. The mystery wins are the only saving grace. These can add wins of up to 5000 coins for 5 of a kind.

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