Multi Dice Slot from Novomatic
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Multi Dice slot game is something of a classic – at one point being a big draw for slots players in bars and casinos throughout Europe. This is a 3-reel slot, which belies the first impression of a simple game.

In fact, there are several distinctive features including the ability to hold entire reels, a mystery win prize and a free spins bonus game.

Multi Dice does look like a classic slot, with curved reels and very traditional symbols. Once you get into the action you will quickly see why this slot had a following – and spawned several more ‘dice’ themed games.


How to Win on Multi-Dice

Before getting to the features and special ways to win, there are plenty of prizes for the ‘standard’ lining up 3 symbols. What you will find is that many of the wins are of a similar size. Based on the default 40 coins spread over the 5 win lines, the best prizes are 1000 coins for 3 of either the blue stars, melons or red sevens. Next comes the bunch of grapes at 800 coins, with bells (560), plums (400) and then oranges, lemons and cherries making up the smaller wins. There are no payouts for 2 of a kind, this game is 3 or nothing!

Not many slots have a hold system these days. With Multi Dice you can choose to hold any number of reels after a spin. The most common scenario for this is when you get 2 of a fruit (particularly a higher paying one). You could also choose to hold just 1 reel. When you hold and hit spin, you are paying for a new spin at the same amount – so in some ways this becomes a strategic choice.

There are two more symbols on the reels, pairs of red dice and a stopwatch. Both of these are for the different bonus features.

Stopwatch Bonus and Dice Free Spins Game

First the stopwatch bonus, which reminded me of the ‘mystery bonus’ in Novomatic’s Jewel Action. Each time you press spin you will see the prize amount in a golden stopwatch above and to the right of the reels quickly change. This can be reasonably high, and you can win it by lining up the stopwatch symbols on the reels (holding 2 and hitting the 3rd on the next spin will cover all the 5 lights running into this).

To the immediate right of the reels you will see a large dice. This is connected to the reels by a red line. When you hit 3 dice symbols anywhere in view, this bigger dice will spin – landing on a number between 1 and 6. Below the reels there are all of these number (again shown on dice) separately. Each one is a free spin. If you hit 6 then you’ll get 6 spins, with one dice going dark after each one.

If you hit 3 more dice during your free spins, then you get 2 extras. First the big dice spins – adding that number of spins to your total. Second your wins now become 2x compared to the pay table. This can continue if you retrigger again – all the way up to 5x on any win.

Design and Setup of Multi Dice

Your first impression of this slot might be that it is both retro looking and crowded. The retro feel comes from the graphics showing curved reels – a deliberate attempt to look like the old mechanical slot games. The symbols on the reels also give that retro feeling, these fruits are very much the traditional and plain designs.

The crowded feel comes from all the extras from the special features being on the screen. This includes a big golden stopwatch bonus area, a big red dice to the right of the reels for the free spins game and the 2x, 3x and so on for your free spin multipliers. At least the pay table is on a separate screen.

This slot has 5 win lines, which are fixed in place. Your only option before hitting either the spin or the auto play button is to choose how many coins to bet overall. Note that if you do choose the auto play option, the game will automatically hold 2 of a kind and respin just one reel. Like on all Novomatic slots, you can take a 50-50 gamble after any win.

Overall Experience

I enjoyed this slot a lot more than most 3 reel titles, and can see why it became a popular live casino slot. Once you get over the retro look and feel, the famously solid Novomatic game play, combined with several different features kick in. The hold and stopwatch bonus added some interest, though the dice free spins are where the real action is at.

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