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Head to any casino and you’ll find a whole host of 5 reel and 3-reel slots – however, 4 reel slots are something of a rarity!

Magic 81 from Novomatic is a very traditional looking game featuring all of your classic fruit symbols such as the water melon, the lemon and the cherry.

The name ‘Magic 81’ refers to the number of ways you can win at each spin, while a wild symbol offers the opportunity of some very large payouts.


How to Win on Magic 81

Magic 81 uses the ‘All Pays’ system. Unlike your more conventional win lines, at this Novomatic designed slot you’ll win when you land symbols on three or more consecutive reels from left to right, irrespective of the actual position on each reel. The highest paying symbol is the red seven (no, not a fruit symbol, but certainly a classic one!) which is worth a hugely impressive 6,400 coins when appearing on all four of the reels. The water melon is next on the pay table at 2,400 coins, while the very appetizing looking bunch of red grapes pays 1,600 coins. Each of the subsequent fruit symbols (plum, orange, lemon and cherry) pay 160 coins for the maximum four in a row. The final symbol is another classic one – the BAR. This is the lowest paying symbol of all, with 80 coins yours for four in a row.

Whenever you win you’ll have the opportunity of taking a gamble. This is a straightforward 50/50 gamble based upon predicting the color of a face down playing card. Get it right and you’ve doubled up, but choose wrong and the win is gone.

Multiplying Wilds on the Magic 81 Slot

The final symbol you’ll find on the reels is the ‘Magic 81’ title symbol which acts as the wild. As the wild it will substitute for every other symbol, often triggering more wins in conjunction with other symbols. However there is a nice added bonus with this wild symbol. Use a single wild in aiding a win and you’ll find your win amount doubled, use two wilds in any win and your win amount is multiplied by 4, while using three wilds in a win will see your win amount multiplied by 8.

If you are lucky enough to land these three wilds on a single spin you are certain to be looking at an enormous payout, as you’ll be guaranteed at least three 4 in a row wins (potentially many more too) while each of these will be multiplied by 8.


Design and Setup

It has to be said that the graphics are not much to write home about. The best part of the design is the bar above the reels, which looks something like a 1950’s style jukebox, the title of the slot standing out in white, red and gold. Aside from this, everything else about the slot is somewhat basic. The reels have a black backing, which does prove a nice contrast to the colorful symbols, while the fruit symbols look exactly as they would at any time in the last 50 years. Nevertheless, this design will appeal to those who enjoy a traditional looking slot. The accompanying sound to the game is the usual clicking and whirring of the reels, joined by an upbeat soundtrack which does add to the game.

Despite having 81 ways to win, the cost of each spin is simply 40 credits. Therefore you’ll simply choose your coin value and multiply it by 40 to set your total stake for each spin. This slot is a fast playing one, but to increase the speed of play even more, the handy 1-click auto play option is ideal, as you’ll hopefully sit back and enjoy those big wins coming your way.

Overall Experience

Magic 81 is a slot which will appeal to those who have enjoyed the traditional fruit machines over the years. If you’re looking for large features, dazzling graphics and jackpot payouts, you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you want a fast playing game where all of the action is taking place right there in front of you in the base game, this might be ideal. The all pays system also gives the game an originality, while the wild multipliers can certainly give the bankroll a huge boost.

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