King Richer Slot from Novomatic
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King Richer is a royal themed slot game which is a play on words based around King Richard. This King is obviously a little richer than your normal King due to the wins that will come his way when playing his own slot.

Alongside the King you’ll find a crown and a ruby encrusted golden scepter, while you’ll also find a nice mix of the classic fruit symbols which play such a big part in the history of slot gaming.

The highlight of this slot is certainly the free spins bonus round, although this is certainly unique, as you’ll head to a completely different set of reels entirely.


How to Win on King Richer

The highest paying symbol in the King Richer slot is the title one, which shows ‘King Richer’ in gleaming gold with a sparkling diamond above the letter ‘I’. This is worth 1,000 coins for the maximum five in a row. Next up is the classic red seven, which pays a maximum of 750 coins and is joined by the also classic triple, double and single BAR symbols, which have a top payout of 600, 400 and 200 coins respectively (you’ll also win a small payout when landing a combination of these BAR symbols). The crown, the scepter, a plum, orange and a cherry complete the standard symbols on the reels. The fact that the reels are not filled with the usual playing card symbols gives the game a nice boost over many of its rivals.

King Richer is the wild symbol and will substitute for any other apart from the two bonus symbols. Every time you land a win using the King you’ll benefit in the fact that each of these wins will now be doubled.

King Richer’s 3 Reel Slot Bonus Feature

The free games feature in King Richer slot game is activated by the ‘bonus’ symbol which shows the head of an armored knight. This symbol only makes an appearance on reels 1 and 5 and if it does land on both, you’ll enter the free spins round. The number of spins you’ll have depends on what happened previously in the base game. During the base game you’ll see a coin appear on the reels occasionally and this will add one to the free games bonus meter. The longer you go without landing the feature, the more of these coins you will collect. Entering the feature you’ll have an initial 7 free spins as well as the extra added spins.

What is surprising is the fact that you’ll now find yourself playing on a 3 reel slot with just 5 symbols – the title symbol, the red seven, the single BAR, the crown and the cherry. Each of these offers a payout for hitting just a single symbol, although the largest wins come when you hit three in a row. The largest prize in the feature is the 5,000 coins for the three title symbols. Of course, with prizes for just a single symbol, you are guaranteed a win on each of the free spins.

Regal Design and Setup

King Richer is a fun looking slot, the graphics in some ways reminding you of the Monty Python theme, especially when the slightly mad looking King appears on the reels. The accompanying soundtrack gives the game something of a regal air too, which only adds to the game. There are some nice touches on the reels, such as the fruit symbols all wearing a small crown, although more animation across the game would have been nice.

King Richer is played out on a 5 reel slot, each of the reels three rows high when they come to a stop. The game has a total of 25 win lines and this number is set, so you’ll simply multiply your chosen coin value by 25 to give you your total stake for each spin. The auto play feature is found in the bottom left hand corner and you’ll select the number of spins using the green and red buttons.

Overall Experience

King Richer is a very enjoyable game throughout, but it wouldn’t be unfair to say that it’s the bonus feature that really makes the game. You’ll enjoy the fact that the number of spins will grow and grow during the base game while the new set of reels in the feature itself makes for a highly original game. Knowing you’ll win on each of these free spins makes the feature even more enjoyable.

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