Jolly Fruits Slot Machine Game from Novomatic
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Imagine an old style Novomatic slot game with the classic fruit symbols which has been given a very up to date (even shiny) new design – and you have an idea of what Jolly Fruits slot machine game offers. The solid and traditional game play is still in place, along with the familiar sights and sounds (that ticking for the gamble after a win option is unmistakable). You’ll also find 2 separate jackpots in place – both of them well worth scooping.


How to Win on Jolly Fruits

There are 10 win lines crossing the 5 reels of this game from the left. With a minimum spin of just 5 coins per line (50c), there are some big prizes on offer for lining up those classic symbols. Of the regular non-jackpot wins, the red 7’s take their usual place at the top of the list. If you line up 5 of these on a win-line 10,000 coins will be heading your way. There are 1500 coins for 4, and 500 coins for just 3.

Traditional bar symbols come in the usual 3, 2 and 1 formats. The green 3-bars are worth 5,000 coins for 4 on a win-line, the blue 3-bars 4,000 and the single red bars 3000. The other traditional symbols are the golden bells – again given a very modern and shiny make-over. These are worth 2,000 coins for 5, along with melons and grapes. The smallest wins come from 4 different fruit symbols, plums, lemons, cherries and oranges.

Jackpot Jokers and Jackpot Scatters

You’ll be able to see the two jackpot amounts either side of the logo above the reels. One is the joker jackpot and the other is the star or scatter jackpot. With one being a scatter, it should be possible to hit both at the same time – at least in theory!

At the time of writing the joker jackpot was 65,440 coins for 5 jokers anywhere on a win-line. There are smaller prizes for 2 jokers and above of 10,000 coins for 4, 1,000 coins for 3 and 100 coins for 2.

The joker is also a wild symbol, and will substitute for any of the long list of regular symbols covered above to make additional wins.

The star / scatter jackpot is close behind – clocking on at more than 53,000 coins. You will trigger this with 5 of the star symbols anywhere in view, with consolation prizes of 5,000 coins for 4 and 500 coins for 3 stars.


Bright and Modern Design of Jolly Fruits

What I like about the overall design of Jolly Fruits slot is that it manages to retain the exact look and feel of so many generations of similar slots – while also having a very up to date look. The symbols are all very shiny, looking like polished glass in many cases. Each symbol also appears to have a kind of glow about it, which is further emphasized by the black backing of the reels. You can see some giant cherries and grapes behind the reels, with a golden logo above. Either side of the logo are the jackpot amounts, which you can see going up in real time while you play.

When you make wins the symbols will glow distinctively – with white sparkles coming from them. Some up to date computer sounds kick in when the game cycles through the win lines. Many of the traditional Novomatic sounds are also in place, including the crazy beeps when you spin the reels and the ticking of the double-or-nothing gamble after win.

You do not have the opportunity to select the number of win lines for Jolly Fruits slot – that is fixed at 10. You can adjust the number of coins you wish to bet per line, this starts at 5. Auto play is offered as a standard.

Overall Experience

I can see this game having some appeal to players who have enjoyed the traditional Novomatic games over the years. The new look symbols are a major improvement on many similar games, and do bring this simple slot very much up to date. The inclusion of 2 different jackpots is also a nice touch. There are no bonus games or free spins, though what this slot does offer is very solid and familiar slot gaming – with that ever present chance of a jackpot win.

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