Jackpot Crown Slot from Novomatic

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Jackpot Crown slot uses a lot of the same symbol designs and game play from other popular Novomatic slots. Unusually, this one also includes a progressive jackpot – which you’ll trigger by hitting 5 of the crown symbols.

There is a small attempt to create a theme to this game over and above the usual fruit and stars. This comes in the form of some regal sounding classical music, which kicks in when you hit a win with the crowns.

You’ll find the standard 5-reel video slot with 5 win lines setup, and the standard library of sounds in addition to those classical interludes.



How to Win on Jackpot Crown

The biggest prize by a long way is the progressive jackpot, which can reach 4 figures on occasion – this is a single machine jackpot rather than a big linked progressive. Triggering this requires lining up 5 crown symbols on any one of the 5 win lines. If you hit 4 of these, then you’ll win 80 coins, with 8 coins coming your way for 3.

Next come the fruit symbols, which are divided into two distinct groups. The top paying symbols are melons and grapes, starting at 40 coins for 5 down to 4 coins for 3. There are then many more fruits, with plums, oranges, lemons and cherries all paying 16 coins for the full set. Only the cherries pay for less than 3 from the left – with a token payout of 0.4 of a coin.

If you have played Novomatic slots before then the clock ticking sound after a win should already be familiar. This is to alert you to the gamble after win feature, which lets you take a 50 / 50 shot on the turn of a playing card.

The final symbol on the reels is a golden star with a red background. This is a scatter symbol, which pays based on the total number in view and is not dependent on the win-lines. You’ll get 20 coins for 5 in view.


Design and Setup of Jackpot Crown

Overall, the design is very basic and also very similar to 100’s of other Novomatic slot titles current and historical. The fruits dominate the view, these are very traditional and very bold and simple in their design. They would not look out of place on a slot 30 years older. Crown symbols do stand out a little, courtesy of a glowing background and red ‘jewels’. This also features in the logo, which is otherwise just the words ‘Jackpot Crown’ in red with a glowing green background.

Most of the time the background to the reels is black, though when you make a winning combination, these take on an orange glow. You’ll also get sound effects, topped by the cheesy computer rendition of classical tunes for the crown wins. The gamble after win feature appears on a separate screen with your choices either side of a face-down playing card.

You can configure the number of win-lines on Jackpot Crown, with the default number starting at 5. You can also choose your bet per line from a wide range – with the total spin cost displayed to the right of these before you spin. As usual an auto-play option is offered.

Overall Experience

If you already enjoy the simple and solid early 5-reel video slots from Novomatic, then this game is one for the shortlist. The progressive jackpot adds an element to the game play which is missing from most of the other games. If you are used to some of the more elaborate casino slots with more modern designs and interesting features, then this game is probably going to seem rather dull. The only highlight is the jackpot – so if you do take this game for a spin, I hope that you line up the 5 crowns to win it.

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