Grand Slam Casino Slot Game

If you enjoy traditional slot gaming Grand Slam Casino might just be the game for you. Featuring all of your favorite fruit symbols on the reels, this is a classic game in every sense of the word.  Unlike many online slots you’ll find today, you won’t find a series of features and side games, although this would seem out of place at this straightforward game. There is some variety however, as you have both a gamble feature and a scatter symbol, this scatter symbol offering mystery payout amounts which certainly add a level of excitement to this 5-reel video slot.


Grand Slam Casino - Land A Win & Choose A Gamble!

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  • How to Win on Grand Slam Casino

    To win at Grand Slam Casino slot you’ll need to land three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on one of the 9 win lines. The top payout of the game comes with one of the only two non-fruit symbols on the reels, the bell symbol. Land five of these in a row and you’ll find an impressive 8,000 coins heading your way, with smaller payouts of 1,000 and 400 coins being won for four or three in a row.

    The water melon, the grapes and the four leaf clover (the other non-fruit symbol) all have a top payout of 2,000 coins, while strangely perhaps, the payout for four water melons in a row matches the 1,000 coins offered by the bell.

    Strawberry, plums and lemons all have a top payout of 1,000 coins, while at the bottom of the pay table you’ll find the orange and the cherry.

    The final symbol on the reels is the scatter, which shows the letters ‘GS’ referring to the title of the slot. This scatter can appear on all five of the reels and will payout when you land 3, 4 or 5 across any of the reels. However, the payout is a mystery one and can range between the following two numbers:

    • Three scatters – This will award you with a random win amount of between 200 and 800
    • Four scatters – This will award you with a random win amount of between 400 and 2,000
    • Five scatters – This will award you with a random win amount of between 800 and 4,000

    These mystery wins add a nice level of excitement to your gameplay, where you’ll certainly be hoping that your win will have a nice number of zeros!

    Every time you land a win you can choose the gamble option. You’ll choose from black and red buttons to the left of the start button and hope that similar flashing buttons above land on your chosen one, meaning you’ve just doubled your win amount.

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    Design and Setup

    The free Grand Slam Casino slot machine has an eye catching traditional design, the slot appears much like it would at a casino at any time in the last 50 years. Each of the reels has the classic white curved structure, while a satisfying ‘thud’ meets each reel coming to a stop. All of the symbols are very basically designed, but this adds to the charm in some ways. The color scheme of the slot is a combination of a rich red and gold which just shouts money, all of this a nice contrast to the dark grey backing.

    This five reel slot has nine win lines in total. You’ll actually see the pattern of the nine win lines below the reels at all times, this a handy guide which won’t require you to bring up the game rules or spend time memorizing how you’ll actually win. Despite just 9 win lines, the minimum cost of each spin is 40 credits, although you will choose a coin value that suits. When it comes to speed, nothing matches this particular game. Hit spin, and all five reels will stop within a matter of a second or two. Make use of the auto play option and it’s even faster.

    Overall Experience

    This is exactly the kind of slot which will really divide opinion, as you’ll either love it or hate it. If you enjoy a slot with large numbers of win lines, expansive features and incredible graphics, you’ll certainly be in the hater camp, the lack of variety not holding your attention for long. However, if you’re a traditional slot fan, this might just be ideal. Many of the classic symbols are here and there are some very impressive payouts. The speed of the game might be the clincher though, this slot offering the opportunity of a large number of spins per hour.