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You might think that a slot with the name ‘Glamour Star’ would be one focusing on the lifestyle of a rich and famous celebrity. Yes, there is a celebrity, but this particular star seems to have a particularly healthy lifestyle that consists entirely of fruit. Joining her on the reels are a series of fruit symbols including a water melon, a bunch of grapes, a plum and of course the cherries.

The game also features a scatter symbol in a golden star, where you’ll gain some extra immediate payouts. Aside from the scatter, this celebrity themed slot is a straightforward one, where the lack of features is offset somewhat by the fast pace of the game. However, the top prize at the game is a monumental one, giving the slot a high level of excitement.


How to Win on Glamour Star

This Novomatic designed 5-reel slot has a total of just 5 win lines.

To land a win you’ll need to land three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on one of the 5 win lines. When you look at the pay table, there is no doubt which symbol is the most significant – the glamour star herself. This blonde haired celebrity has a massive payout of 50,000 coins when landing 5 in a row, a win amount that is certainly running into Jackpot territory. Landing this symbol 4 times in a row pays 2,000 coins, which is the 2nd highest payout at the entire slot, while 200 coins are yours for 3 in a row.

The water melon and the grapes have payouts of 100, 400 and 1,000 coins for landing 3, 4 or 5 in a row, while all of the other fruit symbols (plum, orange, lemon and cherry) pay 40, 100 and 400 coins for hitting 3, 4 or 5. You’ll also land an extra payout of 10 coins if you manage to hit just 2 cherries in a row.

The gold star is the scatter symbol and this pays out when you land a combination of three or more across any of the reels. Three scatters win you 20 coins, four scatters has a payout of 100 coins, while the maximum five scatters will benefit your bankroll to the tune of 500 coins.

Every time you land a win you can attempt to gamble by predicting the color of a playing card. Get it right and you’ve doubled your win, but get it wrong and your win has disappeared.


Design and Setup

If you take away the glamour star herself you could be forgiven for mistaking this for a somewhat traditional slot, the fruit symbols appearing much like they would at any classic slot from the past. Only the dark backing to the reels does give this slot a more modern look in comparison to the white backed reels of the slot machine, while the sparkling purple backdrop to the game does add some bling to the proceedings.

This slot is slightly unusual in the fact that there are just 5 win lines, as usually you’ll find many more at a 5 reel slot, although this is one of a number of similar games produced by Novomatic. The only choice you’ll make therefore is the coin size, which you’ll simply multiply by 5 to give you your total stake for each spin. The auto play is the handiest option and much simpler than you’ll find elsewhere. Simply hit the auto play button once to activate it and then again to stop it, with no messing around setting numbers of spins or stop losses.

Overall Experience

You certainly couldn’t accuse this glamour star of attention grabbing, as flashy features and huge numbers of win lines are certainly not the order of the day. As slots go, this is one of the most straightforward 5-reel video slots you’ll find. This has no wild symbol, no feature and the visuals are somewhat basic too. However, the game does have some appeal. Firstly, there’ll be some players who will really enjoy the classic array of symbols, these traditional fruits seen at thousands of game down the years. The huge payout for hitting five glamour stars in a row also gives the game a huge boost – this offers a prize well worth winning.

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