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The majority of classic slot machines were built around the fruit theme and this tradition continues today with ‘Fruitilicious’ from Novomatic. The fruit bowl here contains a water melon, a bunch of grapes, plums, oranges, lemons and the faithful red cherries. Joining the fruits is the famed red seven, another classic symbol – which is the highest paying symbol on this slot.

Fruitilicious is a very straightforward game, as you won’t find a wild symbol, you won’t find a scatter symbol and you won’t find a feature. What you will find however is a fast paced game that offers some nice payouts while you enjoy a traditional slot experience.


How to Win on Fruitilicious

This Novomatic slot has five reels and just five win lines. These are the 3 rows of symbols from left to right, plus diagonals starting in the top and bottom left corner. This is a big contrast to many 5-reel video slots available today, which tend to have 20+ win lines.

Wins come along when you can land 3, 4 or 5 symbols in a row from left to right on one of the 5 win lines. The red seven, as the highest paying symbol, is worth 5,000 coins for the maximum five in a row, 500 coins for hitting four and has a minimum payout of 100 coins for 3 in a row.

The water melon and the grape both offer top payouts of 500 coins for the maximum 5, with smaller prizes of 100 coins and 25 coins for landing 4 and 3 in a row respectively. The lowest paying symbols are the plum, the orange, the lemon and the cherry. Each of these have a top payout of 125 coins for five in a row, a payout of 30 coins for four in a row and 10 coins are yours when you land three in a row.

You’ll find that some of the symbols are stacked on occasions, meaning they will fill an entire reel. This means that you will find some large multiple wins coming your way at times, where 2, 3, 4 or even all 5 win lines pay out at the same time.

Every time you win you’ll be offered the gamble option. This is a straightforward gamble based upon predicting the color of a playing card. Get it right to double your money.

Fast Paced Design and Setup

With the fruits and the red seven there is much about the slot which is very traditional, although this certainly doesn’t apply to the design. This game is set against the background of a swirling mix of purple colors, while the title is in a nice mix of green. Three arrows point to the title from either side, the arrows suggesting speed which is highly appropriate at this fast paced game. The symbols themselves do have a more classic design, although are found on dark blue reels as opposed to the white reels of old, these symbols expand and contract when they form part of a win. Joining the clunking and whirring of the reels is a gentle and somewhat satisfying soundtrack which really adds to the game.

It’s certainly unusual outside of the Novomatic range to find a five-reel slot with just 5 win lines, this could appeal to the kind of player who likes to enjoy more spins for their money. The only choice a player will make is the coin value, which ranges from just 1 credit through to 200 credits. The best option in the game is the 1-click auto play feature, simply click it to start and then again to stop.

Overall Experience

This is one of a number of games in the Novomatic range which are very plain and simple – relying only on traditional slot game play. With no wild, no scatter and no bonus feature aside the standard gamble after win, players who enjoy variety won’t be sticking around long. Nevertheless, this game does have a certain charm. Traditionalists will find much appeal in the fruit symbols, while the lack of interruptions makes for a fast paced game, which is made even faster when you use the auto play option.

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