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You might think that with a name like Firestarter, that this free slot game was all about the adventures of a pyromaniac – but you’d be wrong. This is a slot all about two devil style characters, a male and a female, both complete with red horns and forked tails. These characters are joined by a series of classic fruit symbols, although you certainly wouldn’t say this slot plays in a classic way. You’ll find the free fall system in place, where win after win can come your way at the cost of just one spin. The game really becomes alight when you enter the free spins feature, where you’ll find many extra ways to win due to the scatter style payouts.




How to Win on Firestarter

The first thing you’ll notice when playing is that the symbols fall into place, as opposed to the more usual spinning of the reels. Every time you win (by landing three or more consecutive symbols from left to right) the winning symbols will disappear in a ring of fire. Symbols from above will then fall into their place, with new symbols appearing at top of the reels. The reels will be re-assessed and any new wins will also be paid out and the process starts again with these winning symbols now disappearing. This continues until no more wins come your way, while all of these wins will come at the cost of just one spin.

The highest paying symbol is the red seven, which like the male and female devils has two horns and the forked tail. This pays out 5,000 coins for landing the maximum five in a row and is a nice reference to traditional slot gaming where the red seven would generally be the highest paying one. The two devil characters, the male with blue hair and the female with purple, have equal billing, both worth 500 coins for five in a row. The standard symbols are completed by the melon, the lemon, the orange and the cherry, the cherry as usual being the lowest paying symbol. A yellow wild symbol will substitute for any other symbol on the reels apart from the scatter, giving you the opportunity of igniting a few extra wins.

Like on most Novomatic slots, every time you land a win you’ll have the chance to gamble. You’ll aim to predict whether a face down playing card is red or black. Get it wrong and your win goes up in a ball of smoke, but get it right and you’ve doubled your money, while you’ll have further opportunities of gambling again.

Strike the Firestarter Feature Round

The scatter symbol is represented by a box of matches and if you manage to land three scatters you’ll enter the feature. The male and female devil characters take center stage during the feature as these will now be paid out as scatters, meaning that if you were to land either of these symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 for example, you’d see a payout coming your way (a payout you wouldn’t have received in the base game).

Design and Setup

You might expect a slot with such a devilish theme to have a black or a dark red backdrop, but strangely perhaps, you’ll find a very dull grey/pink background. The two characters do stand out in comparison to the others, these looking exactly like the fruit symbols you might have found on any classic slot machine apart from a fire hazard sticker on each. The accompanying sound is a little unusual as the sound of the falling symbols sounds like the tinkling of glass, this giving the slot an even more unusual feel.

Firestarter is a five reel slot with a fixed number of 25 win lines, each of the win lines shown by the colorful indicators found either side of the reels. You’ll choose the coin value, starting at 1c rising all the way through to $1, making for a maximum stake of $25 per spin.

Overall Experience

Firestarter is a fun slot that could have been even better. The free fall feature in the base game is always a winner, especially when you gain multiple wins. The feature is a good one too, as those scatter pays do make for some welcome extra wins. Unfortunately, the visuals are a little uninspiring at times, while the accompanying sound just doesn’t hit the spot either. If the sound and graphics were better, this might have been one of your favorite games. Nevertheless, the slot is worth a spin or two, the free fall feature perhaps the highlight.

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