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While this slot looks different to most other Novomatic Egyptian titles, there are some familiar elements. You’ll soon discover that the key element of the most famous Novomatic Egyptian slot (Book of Ra) is included – with a book flipping before the free spins game starts. You’ll also have the familiar gamble-after-win feature available. Cleopatra Queen of Slots has a cartoon like look to it. This is a big contrast to the bold and traditional look of most Novomatic slot machine games. There are some entertaining animations, and potential for some big wins – thanks to wild symbols which come with randomly awarded multipliers.


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How to Win on Cleopatra Queen of Slots

The top prize from regular play in this game is certainly worth hitting. This is 10,000 coins for lining up 5 of the wild Cleopatra symbols on one of the 20 win-lines. This then drops down to 500 coins for 4, 100 for 3 and 10 coins for 2 from the left. Keep in mind that hitting the smaller wins can trigger the random multipliers which come with any wins including wilds – this can be up to 3x the amount on the pay table.

There are many of the ancient Egypt clichés next on the prize list. These include the bird (500 for 5 and also pays all the way to 2 of a kind), the dog / many hybrid (250 for 5), the snake (250) and emblem of some kind (150) and of course, the trusty scarab beetle (also at 150 for 5). Playing card symbols make up the smaller wins – though to Novomatic’s credit they have been redesigned to fit in with the theme this time.

Book symbols trigger the free spins bonus round. If you hit 2 of them they will become surrounded in stars on the reels and the next reels will speed up and also become surrounded in stars. While the idea is an old one, the way it is executed is certainly different.

Flipping Books and Free Spins

If you hit 3+ of the book symbols, you’ll see a stone curtain (complete with hieroglyphics) come down over the reels. Next a book appears and the pages start to flip. On each page you will see a number of free spins, which have a fairly high range (10 to 38 for example). When the pages stop you get the number of spins shown. The book sequence then repeats, this time to find an extra wild symbol. The pages flip through all the regular symbols, stopping on one which is designated as a wild throughout the free spins.

Once the spins begin you will see the extra benefit of the additional wild. Any win that is made with this (or the regular Cleopatra wilds) will have a random multiplier attached to it. The books are still in play, making it possible to retrigger the free spins bonus game.


Cartoon Design and 20 Line Setup

Cleopatra, Queen of Slots stands out from other Novomatic designs. This is bright and bold in a cartoon like way – rather than traditional. You’ll see stone pillars either side of the reels, with a blue sky above framed by a camel (+ rider) one side and pyramids on the other side. The background to the reels is black and the unique symbols all sit in curved square tiles. While all of them are nicely drawn, Cleopatra herself is the stand out. If you look carefully you will see her wink at you when she is involved in creating a win. Most of the other symbols simply flash with speckled bursts of light.

The spin sounds are computer generated, though this ‘tinkling’ is different to most Novomatic titles. As mentioned above this also applies when you hit 2 of the bonus symbols and are waiting for the 3rd. The ticking sound when the gamble after win kicks in is very much the standard sound.

Animations around the bonus game include the wall coming down and book flipping. Both of these are nicely produced.

This slot has a 20-line setup, and you can adjust both the coins played per line and the number of lines in total. In addition to the gamble-after-win, you will find an auto play option as standard.

Overall Experience

This game looks and feels fresher and more up to date than most of the Egyptian slots in the Novomatic range. While the random spins and random extra wilds are both welcome, they do not significantly distinguish the game play from the many alternatives. The 10,000 top prize, and multipliers for wild wins make this game worth playing. If you were expecting something different from the rest of the titles you will not find that here – what you will find is a solid and enjoyable slot with a fresh new approach to the graphics.



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