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Bullion Bars is a slot which you would certainly place in the ‘classic’ category. The central idea of the game is a simple. You’ll find just the traditional BAR symbols and white stars on a red background as the only paying symbols, while the ‘O’ symbols offer no payout at all. Despite the traditional theme, you will find a couple of extra features in the form of a gamble after win feature and the free spins bonus round.

Many three reel real-money slots have a small number of win lines, but here you’ll find 20, meaning the majority of the 27 possible combinations are covered. On the reels you’ll find five different BAR symbols. Alongside the classic single, double and triple BARS, you’ll also find a ‘Button BAR’ and a ‘Streak BAR’. Each of the symbols appears stacked at times, meaning they can cover an entire reel.



How to Win on Bullion Bars

On reels 1 and 3 you will only see the single BAR symbol, while the variety of the BAR symbols all appear on reel 2. When you fill reels 1 and 3 with the single BAR, alongside the Button BAR on reel 2 you’ll win the maximum prize of 500 coins. The biggest prize on a single line is 25 coins, when you land the BAR/Button BAR/BAR combination. BAR/Triple BAR/BAR pays 5 coins, while BAR/Double BAR/BAR and BAR/BAR/BAR pay 2 and 1 coins respectively. The lowest payout comes when you manage to land three stars in a row on a win line, giving you half a credit. Some of these win amounts might seem a little on the small side, but the stacked symbols throughout mean there’ll be many occasions when you have some big, multiple-line wins heading your way.

The final win comes when you land the BAR/BAR Streak/BAR combination. This now activates the free spins feature. Unusually, you won’t be given a set number of spins, as the spins will continue until you have a losing spin. These spins are played out on a vastly improved reel set, promising much more opportunity of a win at each spin.

Every time you do land a win you’ll have the opportunity of choosing to gamble. If you do, you’ll be taken to another screen showing a face down playing card. You’ll now simply have to predict whether this card is black or white.


Design and Setup

In case you haven’t realized by the description of the symbols, this is a slot with no ‘wow’ factor at all. Despite having just three reels, all of the symbols here are particularly large, completely dominating the screen and each of these has no more than a basic design. The win line indicators found either side of the reels do add some nice color, this much needed against the plain black background. The control panel is perhaps the highpoint of the visuals, this neatly boxed below the reels, with a small splash of further color.

This Novomatic designed slot has 20 win lines, although you can choose to play any number between 1 and the full 20. You’ll also choose your bet per line, which you’ll multiply by the chosen number of lines to give you your total stake for each spin. Above the reels to the right you’ll find a musical note, which you can use to toggle the sound on and off, while above the spin button you’ll find the ‘auto play’ option which you can use to set the slot to play without interruption for up to 50 spins.

Overall Experience

You would certainly place Bullion Bars in the traditional slot category, although there are a couple of added extras which give the game a nice boost. The gamble feature, although standard across a number of the Novomatic range, does add some extra excitement levels. The free spins feature is certainly the highpoint. You could find yourself with a large number of spins, while the wins can add up quickly thanks to the improved bonus reel set.

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