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If you enjoy a traditional themed slot, Bar 7’s might just be the game for you. The game features just four symbols on the reels – the BARs and the sevens as you might expect from the title of the slot, alongside the bells and cherries.

With just a single win line, this slot is as straightforward as they come, although you do have a couple of added extras which can bring extra wins in the hold and the nudge options, while you can also choose to gamble and attempt to double your win amount.

How to Win on Bar 7’s Slot

To land a win you’ll simply need to land the same three symbols on the single win line. The BAR symbols are the highest paying, worth 40 coins when you do hit three in a row. Next come the blue sevens, which are worth 20 coins, while the bells pay 5 coins. Bringing up the rear are the cherries which pay 5 coins. It’s certainly unusual to see a slot with a total of just four symbols, but this does mean that wins will occur more frequently than usual.

Nudge and Hold – Bar 7’s Slot Features

The first feature of this Novomatic designed slot is the ‘hold’ one. This will occur at random on occasions when you manage to land two of the same symbol across the three reels. You’ll now find the two matching reels held in place while you enjoy a free re-spin. Obviously you’ll now want the final symbol to match the others and hopefully pick up a win. The hold feature takes place automatically, so you’ll simply watch the action and not need to get involved in pressing buttons yourself.

The second feature is the ‘Nudge’ one. Like the hold feature, this is awarded randomly after any spin and you’ll be given three nudges in total. This feature, unlike the hold one, does require intervention. For each of the three nudges, you’ll choose one of the reels and this will see the symbol above the one on the win line now nudging onto the win line. Sometimes, even with 3 nudges, you’re not able to complete a win, but on occasions the nudges can help you hit that all-important 3 in a row.

The final feature is the gamble one which is an option after any particular win. Having opted to gamble, you’ll be taken to a new screen showing a face down playing card. Your aim is to simply predict the color of the card and if you choose correctly you’ll double your win amount, but of course, your win is lost if you choose the wrong color.

Design and Setup

Despite the somewhat traditional gameplay and the classic symbols the game actually has a fresh feel to it. The reels are housed in a brightly colored display, where the blues, reds and oranges give a great amount of vibrancy to the slot. The four symbols also add color to the white reels, while the pay table below the reels has much more visual appeal than your more standard pay table. Every time you hit spin, you’ll hear a beep, while you’ll hear a strangely satisfying clunking noise when the reels do actually come to a stop.

At first you might where the game controls are, as there is no control panel underneath the reels. This is all found to the right of the screen, where you’ll find the large spin button with a smaller ‘menu’ button above. To activate the ‘auto spin’ option, you’ll simply hold the spin button down for longer than usual. Hitting the menu button will see a number of options appear, such as muting the sound or music, choosing the appropriate bet size, topping up your account or even setting the ‘max bet’ for your spin.

Overall Experience

This Novomatic game is one that will certainly appeal to those slot traditionalists. The game is straightforward and simple, but the added ‘hold’ and ‘nudge’ options does give the slot something of a boost, while the ‘gamble ‘ option is always a nice added extra for those who want that extra buzz. The gameplay is fast too, meaning that you’ll enjoy more spins per hour.

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