Always Hot Cubes Slot Machine
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Head to any casino and you’ll find any number of games that offer a large amount of win lines, eye catching graphics and rich bonus features. Always Hot Cubes takes the opposite approach, offering a no frills casino slot, where you’ll simply win by hitting three symbols in a row. The symbols are slightly different to what you might usually find too, as the vast majority of these are dice based, the dice roll of one through six all featured on the reels, while also joined by three Asian style symbols.

How to Win on Always Hot Cubes

Always Hot Cubes slot machine has just three reels and to land a win you’ll need to simply land three of the same symbols in a row. There are no wilds or scatter symbols at all, so these are the only wins available at the entire game.

There are five win lines in total and they line up in the following ways:

  • Line 1 – This represents the middle row of the slot, so hit three symbols in a row here to win.
  • Line 2 – This represents the top row of the three.
  • Line 3 – This represents the bottom row of the three.
  • Line 4 – This represents the diagonal running from the top left symbol to the bottom right one.
  • Line 5 – This represents the diagonal running from the bottom left symbol to the top right one.

The highest 3 paying symbols are the Asian themed ones, each sitting on a cream colored tile. The highest paying symbol of all is a red fish symbol and line up three of these in a row and you’ll find a very impressive 3,000 coins heading your way. A golden star symbol pays 2,00 coins while a symbol showing Asian style script pays 1,000 coins.

Next up come all of the dice symbols. Landing three sixes or fives in a row will pay 800 coins, while any other dice number will pay 400 coins for three in a row.

The only extra in the game is a gamble feature, which can be entered into after any win. You’ll be presented with a face down playing card and to double your money you have to correctly predict the color of the card, although you’ll obviously lose the win amount if you predict incorrectly. You can use the gamble option up to five times, meaning that you could potentially win up to 32x your original win amount.

Design and Setup

The design of the game really couldn’t be any more basic. Filling the screen are the three large reels, each of these curved and with a white backing, which gives the slot something of a classic feel. You’ll find small yellow win line indicators either side of the reels, while all of the game controls are found to the bottom of the reels. Each of the dice symbols comes in a different color, which does add some variety to the visuals, while the flames shooting up from the bottom of the screen in the background add a nice touch. The accompanying sound is very basic, a simple clicking when the reels come to a stop and a jingle as the reels spin.

The number of win lines is set at five and you’ll simply choose your coin value which you’ll multiply by 5 to give you your total stake for each spin.  An auto play option is found to the left of the control panel and this makes for possibly the best way of enjoying the slot.

Overall Experience

If you’re a slot player who enjoys features, complex graphics and lots of variety in each session, you’ll probably take one look at Always Hot Cubes and then move on within a few seconds. However, this game does have some appeal in its simplicity. With just 5 win lines you’ll know immediately if you’ve landed a win and the game is particularly fast, as there are no interruptions for features.

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