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Everyone left town once the wildcat arrived. It tore through the streets riding a desert goat, muscles swelling as if it mixed steroids in its milk. The orange wildcat roared, hissed, shrieked and growled as its four-fingered human-like hands brandished a rattlesnake. Even the turkey vultures and tumbleweeds kept their distance. Or so the story goes, in NextGen Gaming Group’s cartoony Wildcat Canyon slot game. Designed for mobile, tablet and desktop platforms in both paid and free modes, this five-reel three-row slot game lacks a progressive jackpot but makes up for it with an entertaining bonus game.

Wildcat Canyon slot machine stays away from the sleek, pseudo-3D animation of many current slots, instead going with a hand-drawn cartoon appearance. Reminiscent of Looney Tunes cartoons, the game’s cliff-framed desert background shows vultures floating in the sky and the wildcat galloping around. The slot symbols keep the same cartoon look, rarely attempting any three-dimensional movement.

Its bluegrass theme music lulls until a win triggers a violent banjo solo. The aforementioned variety of cat sounds ring out at various parts of the game.

Wildcat Canyon

How to Play Wildcast Canyon

The Wildcat Canyon game has an easily customizable betting interface. The player can choose the payline quantity, between 1 and 25. Meanwhile, the per-payline bet can be set between $0.02 and $1.00. Spins can be played individually or be spun automatically up to 100 times via an Auto Spin feature.

In order to produce a payout, the spin needs to line up matching symbols from left to right, starting with the first reel, on the payline. At least three consecutive matching symbols generates a win, with the exception of two vulture, goat or scatter symbols.

Wildcat Canyon slot machine uses both playing card symbols and cartoon characters from its story. The card symbols produce the smallest wins, with the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A delivering payouts in ascending order. The rattlesnake and cactus symbols produce the next highest payouts. With the goat and vulture resulting in the largest wins.

The wildcat himself shows up on reels two and four as the game’s wildcard, standing in for all icons except the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol is loaded onto all five reels, and the player needs at least three scatters to start the bonus game. As soon as the first two appear, the background’s desert sky goes dark in anticipation of the third scatter.

What are the Bonus Features?

Once the player lands at least three scatters, he or she is given the choice between one of three free spin games:

  • 15 free spins, wildcat wins pay a 3x multiplier
  • 10 free spins, wildcat wins pay a 5x multiplier
  • 5 free spins, wildcat wins pay a 10x multiplier

The wildcat symbols deliver an additional twist. When one appears, it is held on that reel and then a free re-spin occurs. If another wildcat symbol shows up, another re-spin is triggered. That means a player could potentially get three winning spins out of one free spin.

The scatter symbols are playable during the bonus game as well. If the player lands three or more then he or she will get another set of free spins to choose from.

When it comes to free spin strategy, the 10x multiplier may look tempting, but it only occurs in the choice with the fewest opportunities. Meanwhile the 15-spin choice provides the most chances for wins, as well as the most opportunities to pick up another round of free spins.

Wildcat Canyon also includes a Gamble feature. The player can elect to increase any payout by guessing the color or suit of a playing card. Guessing the color correctly doubles one’s winnings. Guessing the suit multiplies the winnings by four. The game allows up to five straight wins. An incorrect guess at any time forfeits the entire payout.

Overall Experience

While the cartoon design is inoffensive, it may not appeal to players used to more high-tech-looking games. The sound design, on the other hand, is an issue. The music is boring to the point of irritation. A little bit of variety wouldn’t have hurt. Meanwhile the cat shrieks are off-putting (especially in the info screen), often sounding like Donald Duck doing his best cat imitation. The player is advised to mute the sound altogether.

On the positive side, the betting system is excellent. Bets are easily adjusted for longer gameplay or more aggressive action. The bonus game is a great feature, providing a variety of lucrative opportunities.

While players new to slots may need some time to understand the bonus game, they should be able to learn the regular spins quite quickly. More experienced slot players will be able to find shinier graphics and better sound in many other games, but should enjoy the all the possibilities within the bonus game in Wildcat Canyon.

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