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As one of nature’s most dynamic natural disasters, volcanoes can destroy cities and ruin lives with next to no warning at all. If the explosive heat of a volcano appeals to you, however, you’re not alone. The Volcano Eruption video slot gives you the perfect way to incorporate a little fire into your online gambling habit.

Named after a rupture in the Earth’s crust that can lead to sporadic and violent outbursts of molten lava, this slot is designed to bring the drama of a live volcano. However, it’s not exactly new; NextGen released Hot Hot Volcano several years ago to above average reviews but recently chose to add some updated graphics and re-brand it as Volcano Eruption.

Real volcanoes may be destructive and hard to handle, but in this game, they’re nothing but fun. With mobile and desktop availability in both free and paid versions, you can feel the heat whenever you want.

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Playing Volcano Eruption

Set deep in the jungle on a background of trees, leaves, and a sun-drenched path, Volcano Eruption looks too hot to handle right from the start. The logo at the top is crafted with magma and molten lava and the soundtrack is distinctly tribal in nature. Once the volcanic intro screen dissipates, you’ll be met with a fairly standard 5×3 video slot. The symbols are all inspired by the jungle, including fiery playing card characters, licking lizards, swinging chimps, and colorful parrots.

Before your first spin, choose your bet at the bottom of the screen. Like many newer slots, players have the ability to choose both the number of paylines – betweek one and 25 – and the bet amount per payline, ranging from $0.02 to $4.00. With a 25x multiplier to calculate total bet amount, spins can range from $0.50 to $100.

To get the game started, click on the Spin button at the bottom right. Your goal is to achieve between three and five matches per payline, and the more you match, the more you win. Three nines start at 3x your bet, while higher cards net more. Special characters can really amp up your jackpots, with apes scoring between 15x to 100x your winnings and lizards nabbing from 3x to 500x.

Unlike many video slots, there are no Scatters here. However, this is no big loss to players; three volcano Wilds can trigger many of the same features NextGen players have come to expect from Scatters. Wilds in Volcano Eruption are valuable indeed, replacing any other symbol on the board to create winning combinations. When you win on a payline with a Wild, the volcano will erupt, showering your winnings with fire and flame.

Volcanic Features and Extras

Despite the promise implied by the name, there’s not a ton to look for in this slot. The extras are fairly straight forward and simple, although the chance for a big payout is certainly within reach.

The Eruption Feature is the big draw for gamblers invested in Volcano Eruption, which is triggered by three volcano Wilds in one spin. Wilds are only available on reels two, three, and four, however, making it a little harder to land enough to nab this awesome bonus. Should you be lucky enough to grab all three, the screen explodes with lava and your five free spins start right away. This isn’t all you win, though: the entire third reel will be an expanded sticky Wild. Throughout your free slot games, volcanic eruptions can launch additional Wilds onto the screen, seriously increasing your chances of a huge win. No matter how many paylines you hit, you’re sure to walk away with a red hot jackpot!

While the promise of an eruption is the only true bonus opportunity, this is a NextGen slot and the Gamble feature is available if you’re able to stand the heat. When you want to watch your earnings grow, you can bet them all on the color or suit of a face down Ace card. Colors are worth 2x and suits are worth 4x; if you guess correctly, the game keeps going. If you’re wrong, however, you’ll lose it all.

The Bottom Line

Despite the explosive action implied by the name, Volcano Eruption is a relatively tame slot. Paylines and bets can be adjusted to manage volatility, and the layout of the game is very easy to grasp. There’s only one real chance at a big bonus, but it’s a huge one that’s well worth your time. A little luck is all it takes to trigger a volcano-sized payout, and after one major win and a few free spins, you may just find yourself hooked.

While this explosion may be better suited for beginners, there’s still plenty of big fun to be hard here, provided you’re up to the heat of the volcanic eruptions in store.

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