Robin Hood: Prince of Tweets Slots

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Move over Angry Birds, there’s a new crusader in town. Robin Hood:Prince of Tweets slot introduces a unique twist on the popular fictional character. From its authentic old English soundtrack to creative symbols that represent the story’s heritage, this whimsical machine from Nextgen Gaming is made for light play.

The layout of these slots focuses on uncomplicated play and payout charts. Covering 40 lines and 5 reels, it’s a standard design for beginner level games. To start, a player sets their bet level through a sliding scale located in settings. With choices ranging from $0.40 to $400 per spin, there’s something for everyone. After setting the desired bet, it’s time to play. Simply press the spin button to begin


Robin Hood Prince of Tweets

 Symbols and Payouts

Less symbols make it easy to memorize the pay table for wins. Robin Hood himself only appears on the third wheel. When a spin ends with the appearance of his avatar, the player can expect adjacent symbols to turn into more profitable icons. The animated Robin Hood blows his horn to flip each symbol. While fun at first, the sound of the horns can be overwhelming and slightly annoying with consistent play.

Don’t expect to see feathered versions of every Merry Man in this take on the classic tale. An owl represents Robin’s best friend and guide. When it comes to payouts, he’s also an asset that doesn’t require more symbols to win. This wise addition to the lineup produces a payout that can keep players on the board for a longer amount of time if they want to try for the highest rewards. The same can’t be said for the Sparrow version of Maid Marian. Though a beautiful addition, this character doesn’t add much to the overall board. She is a tricky symbol to find, but does offer a reasonable payout.

Combos are at the heart of what makes these slots run. Targets, bags of gold, a quiver of arrows, wanted posters and a castle shaped birdhouse round out the character based options. In various combinations, they work to produce some lower level payouts.

Bonus Rounds

Both the birdhouse castle and the arrows may seem unimportant, but they can lead to something better. Arrow and scatter features are the crucial bonuses for the game. Either of these rounds can lead to some serious payouts if they come up in the right configuration.

The arrow feature is set to help you clear out tables by creating more wild symbols. Keep in mind, not all changes will be the same. For this one, you’re wild cards are going to depend on the amount of your superbet level.

Scatter bonuses are a bit easier to achieve. When several rows display matching castle shaped birdhouses, players can win up to 25 free games. The level will once again be based on your current superbet total as well as the number of scatter icons that appear. It’s also important to note Scatter based icons are always added to a winning payline when calculating the actual total.


Every good slots player wants to know the volatility of their machine. With Robin Hood: Prince of Tweets, volatility is fairly high. Although payoff can reach a limit of $40,000, the climb to reach that total can be tricky. Players new to the world of slots might not be so used to the high stakes, high rewards mentality of this one. Return to player superbets can range from a low percentage of 93.39% to a high of 96.96%. It’s not great, but there is some room to maneuver.

What Works

The play with sound option is a great addition to these slots. Although the soundtrack and sound effects offer a cute atmosphere, there can be times when you just want to play in silence. Changing the sound function is also pretty easy to do, so switching between options isn’t a headache.

The theme really sells these slots. Its combination of a cartoon background and cartoon characters make it hard not to love its look. Classic slots fans might be hesitant to enjoy this one, but it hooks players instantly.

Players with an interest in mobile slots will be happy to know this choice can be played on any mobile device. It can be accessed on any browser without additional software downloads. Although there is a fee to play this game, access to the site is free.

What Doesn’t

Scrolling text along the bottom of the frame can quickly become a distraction. The same can be said for the written payout information displayed to the side. It is written in an hard to read font that quickly takes the player out the game.

The sliding bet scale mentioned earlier is easy to operate and hard to find. Without accessing the small gear shaped icon, it’s impossible to find the selection. Users without a keen eye for these things could quickly find themselves making bets that could be out of their budget range.

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