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Medusa is one of the most dramatic characters in Greek mythology, transforming the men who dare meet her gaze to stone. Dangerous and beautiful with snakes for hair, her sheer power can be felt only when you take a spin on the reels of Medusa II.

Medusa and her sisters, Euryale and Stheno, were Gorgon monsters, as indicated in Aeschylus’s Prometheus Bound, an ancient Greek epic. Born with a hatred for mortal men and the power to paralyze those who do her wrong, her amazing strength makes her a popular figure in ancient and modern myths alike.

Taking Medusa’s video slot challenge is well worth it: with 243 ways to win, risking the fire of her wrath can reward you well. A sequel to the original Medusa video slot, this recreation offers more twists and turns than the original. No longer is Medusa a terrifying monster; instead, she is beautiful and misunderstood, promising riches to those who take the chance to explore her depths. Free and paid versions are both available, giving you ample opportunities to play this enchanting slot on your desktop or on the go.


Playing Medusa II

In this sequel by NextGen, history buffs and eager gamblers alike can tempt fate – and Medusa’s withering stare. Set in the ruins of ancient Greek temples, this slot is clearly based on mythology. The background music is mystical and mysterious, and the reels are decorated with archaic-looking symbols, including playing card numerals, bows and arrows, golden rings, stone statute busts, a snake-adorned pin, and a snake amulet, in addition to the Medusa Wilds and the Medusa II logo Scatter.

For fans of the original Medusa game, the reels will look similar with crisper graphics and more refined functionality. The setup is fairly standard for NextGen slots, with a 5×3 reel alignment. Bets are set at the bottom left, ranging between $0.02 and $4.00 with a 25x multiplier to calculate total bet amount. Total bet amount and the balance remaining are displayed along the top of the slot. The spin button is at the bottom to the right, and a click or tap gets the game going.

Reels spin quickly, and the soundtrack rises and falls as your spins draw to a close. As the sides of the slot indicate, there are 243 ways to win, making it easy to hit it rich on a single spin. Standard wins start with three of a kind along one of the paylines, but matching special symbols can boost your jackpot even higher. Get five of a kind, and there’s a huge multiplier coming your way.

As in most video slots, Wilds, which bear Medusa’s face, can replace any symbol except the Scatter. With Wilds and Scatters available on all reels, there’s a lot of potential to be had here. Should a Wild fall across a payline, Medusa will move and dance, flashing her daring, dangerous eyes your way. The more WIlds you see, the better your chances for a big win!

Medusa II Bonus Features

Medusa’s beauty is lovely, but the extras she has in store for you are even lovelier.

Locked reels are the biggest perk that returns from the original Medusa slot. In this feature, Medusa will randomly appear across two or more reels, dancing seductively. When she’s done, the reels will lock into place and display the same symbols on each row. This guarantees the start of a matching set, making it more likely that you’ll spin something great.

Stacked Wilds are available, too, and the Soldier Turned to Stone bonus only increases your chances of winning big. When this occurs, a soldier will run across the screen, intent on bringing Medusa to her doom. She immediately turns her eyes to him, transforming him into stone with a single glance. Wherever the soldier stops, stacked Wilds will appear, giving you a shot at a major jackpot.

The Medusa II Scatter symbol is also a highly desired sight. If you score three or more across any of the reels, you’ll automatically enter Free Spin mode, scoring 10 free games, as well as a big multiplier starting at 50x. Many of the standard play policies, like locked reels, are fair game here as well, making it more likely you’ll benefit from the chance to spin without consequence.

Finally, as in many NextGen games, players have the ability to gamble their winnings by betting on Ace card suits or colors using the black and red button at the bottom right. Choosing the right color gives you 2x your winnings, while picking right suit offers a multiplier of 4x. As long as you guess correctly, the game keeps going, but one wrong selection means you lose it all.

The Bottom Line

If you liked the original Medusa video slot, you’ll love the upgrades available in Medusa II. With enhanced graphics, a similar moody feel, and a more beautiful Medusa to gaze upon, there’s a lot to like about this NextGen production. 243 ways to win is far beyond what most games offer, providing a great reason to give this slot a shot. While wins are readily available in standard game play, the bonus features, including locked reels and free spins with multipliers, are where this leading lady truly shines.

In spite of the fun in store and Medusa’s extraordinary powers, many features of this game will feel right at home to NextGen aficionados. While there’s nothing truly unique here, fans of Medusa will still get a thrill out of watching the reels spin.

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