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The jungle’s funniest primate comes to life in Mad Mad Monkey. Take on the silly character as he swings into action across 5 whimsical reels. Grab his favorite treats like ripe yellow bananas and peanuts in the shell as you play up to 50 paylines in this fast-paced spinner by Nextgen Gaming. A simple interface along with fun animated characters highlight its playful motif. The title’s easy to memorize paytable and lack of complicated bonus features create a great environment for quick games as well as fast payouts

Mad Mad Monkey


Mad Mad Monkey slots entire layout leaves something to be desired. Paylines are hard to read and the background looks like it was hastily created. Scrolling words along a text bar present only selected pieces of information about wins or incentives. No off switch for this feature means it can quickly turn into an unwanted addition. Random appearances from the main character also draws attention to the borders, instead of reels. While the Wild Monkey and Mad Monkey Scatter options feature animation, both are simplistic in their construction. In the case of the Wild animation, the monkey only moves its face into a pucker as a small red icon appears. The blowing kisses concept is cute, but wears thin quickly after a few successful spins. When it comes to the Mad Monkey Scatter, you can expect to see a monkey drop in via vine and disappear just as quickly.

Music is not supplied during gameplay or setup. Players get to hear the soundtrack briefly after a win and during free play spins. Free play’s short soundtrack is a fun, drum based song that compliments the bonus round. Chimes ring out as reels spin and can also be heard with each press of the available buttons. If you want to play without sound, simply access the sound feature in settings to turn it off.


The range of available bets runs from a minimum of $0.02 up to the maximum bet of $20. Featuring a top payout of $300,000, the smaller jackpot contributes to its higher win probability. This medium volatility rated game also offers a return to player of 95.45%.


The top non-bonus related symbols of the game are bananas and parrots. Lesser paying icons focus on coconuts, peanuts and snakes. They appear alongside your typical aces, kings, queens and jacks. 5,4 and 3 of a kind matches for any of these symbols results in payouts.

Bonus Rounds

Mad Mad Monkey utilizes two bonus categories based on Wild and Scatter options. Scatter wins are based on the amount bet and give users the chance to play without additional credits. Just 3 appearances of the Scatter logo on any reel is rewarded with 10 free games. Benefits aren’t confined to just Scatter wins. If bananas appear across the reels during free play, you can expect to triple the amount of the win.

The Wild Monkey icon appears on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel. While that seems convenient, it can actually be a deterrent to reaching the coveted free play bonuses. It has all of the features of a standard wild card, while also doubling prize totals. The amount of Wild Monkey icons present in a spin does not change the double multiplier. Keep in mind, this feature does not convert adjacent spots into other icons or symbols.

What Works

Mad Mad Monkey slots can be viewed through all browsers and mobile apps. This level of availability makes it a great choice for travel or during a busy commute. Bets are easy to control thanks to a settings display with side by side payline and amount information. Simply pressing the up or down arrows below a related category will adjust the selected option.

What Doesn’t

It’s amusing enough for a few minutes, but the lack of exciting gameplay opportunities doesn’t encourage long term play. Crude graphics as well as clunky animation contribute to the lack of enjoyment after just a few spins. The spin button can also be hard to locate among the cluttered screen. By utilizing a similar color to the background, this aspect can become hidden. Paylines are hard to read and become compacted when all 50 available lines are put to use.

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