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Known for kicking butt and taking names, no one is cooler or stronger than Judge Dredd. If you want to bring your comic book fantasies to real life, the Judge Dredd Slot is a great way to lay down the law.

A British comic book character first introduced in 1977 in John Wagner’s 2000 AD, Judge Joseph Dredd is among the most popular and longest-running characters in Wagner’s universe. A law enforcement officer, he presides over the streets of Mega-City One, using his power to arrest, sentence, and execute criminals who are threatening the well-being of his town. Judge Dredd debuted in the United States in 1983 in his own series and has maintained a strong fanbase ever since.

As a testament to his popularity, Judge Dredd has been the title character in numerous film and television adaptations, including 1995’s eponymous smash hit. Starring major action names like Sylvester Stallone, the movie developed a cult-like following, keeping it popular to this day.

Playing the Judge Dredd Slot will be the throwback to the early days of comic books, providing the nostalgic influences aficionados love. Available on both desktop and mobile devices from NextGen gaming, gamblers can test their luck for free or for cash. After all, there’s no shortage of excitement when Judge Dredd is in charge.

Playing the Judge Dredd Slot

From his first comic book appearance to the intimidating big screen portrayal by Stallone, Judge Dredd is anything but warm and cuddly. Luckily, this slot lives up to his reputation, from the intro scenes to the industrial-style setting. Players who crave the powerful prowess of Judge Dredd’s world won’t be disappointed; the hardcore soundtrack keeps the energy high, and the sound effects that occur with each spin or win add a superhero-esque intensity to the game.

Despite the fun and flashy theme, evocative of old school comics, Judge Dredd’s presence doesn’t obscure the straightforward operation of this video slot. Fans of NextGen games will recognize the layout: five reels with three symbols each. Bets start at $0.50 and extend up to $100 at the base level, with total bets reaching a max of $200 in Super Bet mode. All reels feature comic-style lettering and symbols, including the face cards. Despite a fairly limited number of paylines – twenty-five – hitting on a winning combination is fairly simple. However, the jackpot is not progressive.

To get started, set your bet along the bottom and click the Spin button. The reels move quickly, and wins are immediately evident by the illumination of the paylines that won. This feature isn’t necessary, but makes it easier to appreciate how you won and why. Wins start at three of a kind, with the presence of Wilds and special characters boosting your bonus.

The Wild in this slot is Judge Dredd himself; when he appears and you win, you’ll see the Judge point his gun and wave his baton. As in most games, the Wild can replace all symbols except the Scatter. This slot’s Scatter takes the form of the Dredd Badge, and three or more on any one spin triggers 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier. It’s hard to hit, but when you do, the rewards will be substantial.

Bonuses and Extras

Regular play is fun, but the bonus opportunities are even better. True to Judge Dredd’s big, bad ways, the extras available in this slot are certainly up to par.

Players will love the Super Bet feature, set to the right side of the reels. This option allows gamblers to supercharge their bets, increasing the number of coins per spin to boost the potential for big winnings. Super Bet mode controls the number of reels upon which Wilds may appear. On the first yellow level, only the third wheel can display Wilds. At the orange level, reels two, three, and four are active. When maxed out at the red level, Wilds are available on all five reels, making it possible to hit some big rewards. Bets get bigger with each level, so it’s easy to gamble a lot in pursuit of a Dredd-sized jackpot.

Free Spin mode, activated by three or more Scatters in one spin, is well worth the wait. With a 2x multiplier and an increased presence of Wilds across the reels, players lucky enough to enter these rounds will be rewarded handsomely.

For those who can’t get enough of the fun, this slot also has a Gamble feature, making it possible to further wager your winnings. Like many other NextGen games, Gambling requires betting on either colors or suits for Ace cards. Choosing a color correctly can double your winnings, while correctly guessing a suit can quadruple them. If you’re right, you can keep on guessing, upping the chances for your payout. But watch out – if you’re wrong, you lose it all.

Last but not least, the Judge Dredd Slot has one more surprise in store: the “I Am the Law” bonus, based on one of the action hero’s best-loved catchphrases. His arrival is completely arbitrary after any paid spin, keeping players waiting eagerly in suspense. When this occurs, Judge Dredd will appear to the left of the screen to award a big cash prize. There’s no rhyme or reason here; the Judge could appear on your first spin, or your thousandth.

The Bottom Line

Judge Dredd is popular for a reason. His unique breed of vigilante justice is both heroic and aggressive, speaking to the vivid action so beloved by comic book fans. The cartoonish graphics, the stance and swings of the Wild icon, and the intensity of the Scatter set this game ablaze for gambling fans, combining the ability to win big money with a much-beloved character.

The rules are simple and clear; players have to do little more than spin the reels to get started. With many paylines and opportunities to score extra, more spins than not will be winners. However, the features and special extras are fairly run of the mill, providing a straightforward video slot experience punctuated by a favorite character. Great for both beginners and Judge Dredd fans alike, even free players will enjoy what this slot has in store.

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