Easy Slider Slot From NextGen

Despite referencing the Easy Rider movie and soundtrack, NextGen Gaming Group‘s Easy Slider slot game is inspired more by contemporary biker gangs and heavy guitar rock than the 1969 film. So if you love choppers and AC/DC axe riffs, then you’ll quickly warm up to Easy Slider.

It has “biker babes”, gambling, free spins, big multipliers, revving engines and fire. Its Slide-A-Wild feature requires some strategy, bringing an engaging, interactive element to the gameplay. This five-reel three-row online slot game is available in free and paid modes on mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

Easy Slider - If You're Not A Motorcycle & Hard Rock Fan You May Become One

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    Easy Slider’s design trends more towards cartoon-like graphics than the pseudo-3D visuals of many current video slots. There’s a minimum of motion animation, aside from flames and flying coins.

    Its soundtrack is packed with blasts of hard rock, providing the game with a unique edge. There are guitar solos for big wins, song snippets for smaller payouts and a high-quality approximation of an AC/DC tune during the bonus game.


    Easy Slider has an adjustable betting format at the bottom of the screen. The player can choose how many paylines to play, from 1 to 25, as well as the bet per payline, from $0.02 to $4.00, resulting in a range of total bets from $0.02 to $100.00.
    Spins can be triggered one-by-one or, to speed things up, the Autoplay feature offers the option to automatically spin the reels up to 100 times.

    In order for the player to win a payout, the reels must line up at least three consecutive matching symbols along a paid playline, starting from the first reel. Only high value and wild symbols are exceptions to this rule.


    Playing card symbols provide the lowest payouts. Amongst these, 9 and 10 are worth the least, while K and A are worth the most. The rest of the symbols stick to the game’s theme. Sunglasses, gang patches, helmets and a big biker deliver higher payouts in ascending order.

    But the key to the game’s largest payouts is the “Biker Babe” wild symbol. She can appear any of the five reels and, thanks to a bonus feature, can multiply a payout.

    Easy Slider’s scatter symbol is a burning wheel. When three or more burning wheels show up anywhere on the reels, the free spin game begins.


    The Slide-A-Wild feature lets the player choose one of the five reels to stack with wild symbols. Occasionally, the slot machine game revs up its motor, dispersing flames and lining up three wilds on the selected reel. When any wild symbols appear on that reel, the resulting payouts are multiplied as follows:

    • Reel 1 – 2x multiplier
    • Reel 2 – 3x multiplier
    • Reel 3 – 4x multiplier
    • Reel 4 – 5x multiplier
    • Reel 5 – 6x multiplier

    These multiplier values are doubled during the bonus game.

    Once three or more scatter symbols appear during a regular game spin, the bonus game begins with 15 free spins and the double value Slide-A-Wild symbols. Otherwise all payouts are the same as those on regular spins. Additional free spins are won if three or more scatter symbols appear during the bonus game.

    Easy Slider slot game also includes a betting game after every payout. The player can risk his or her winnings by guessing a facedown card’s color or suit. Guessing the right color doubles the payout. Selecting the correct suit quadruples the payout. The game allows a maximum of five consecutive winning guesses. An incorrect guess at any time results in a loss of the entire payout.

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    The Biker Babe wild symbols provide the game’s biggest payouts, so some strategy is in order when choosing which reel to stack. For instance, Reel 2 may delivers a low multiplier, but it increases the quantity of wins. Choosing Reel 5 results in few wins, but those rare payouts will be larger.

    Curiously, none of my largest payouts came from the bonus game. In fact, I went through more than 45 free spins before a wild symbol showed up on my stacked reels. My largest wins did come from the stacked reels, but during the regular game.


    Easy Slider slots is simple to learn and has a flexible betting setup, which should appeal to new or casual slot players. While there’s little here that will amaze experienced players, the Biker Babe and the Slide-A-Wild feature do give the game a good boost.

    The game’s theme and design may be what ultimately draw or drive away players. The Biker Babe symbol is animated relatively tastefully so it won’t offend as much as it could have. The nonstop guitar rock may chase some people away. But motorcycle and hard rock fans will enjoy having a game like Easy Slider appeal directly to them.