Tornado Farm Escape Slot from NetEnt

Tornado Farm Escape received a lot of publicity when it was first released in 2015. For me this was well deserved, as this Net Entertainment title has all the elements of a classic.

The base of solid slot play is there, along with the chance of some big wins. This is combined with a unique bonus game (the tornado) and randomly triggered extra wilds during the base game too. It is the overall humor and quirkiness of the animals – which make up most of the symbols – that really brings those elements together and make this is a must-play slot.


How to Win on Tornado: Farm Escape

While the pay table for the tornado bonus is very complicated – the base game wins are easy to follow. It is the flying farm animals you’ll want to see the most of. The cow (udder turned towards the sky) is the best paying at 700 coins for 5, 120 for 4 and 20 for just 3. Next comes a horse with a huge set of glowing white teeth (500 coins for 5), a pig (300), worried looking sheep (200) and a chicken (200). All of these symbols require at least 3 of a kind to trigger a win.

Smaller prizes are triggered by a random collection of items which look like they have been picked up by the tornado. These include a red suitcase, armchair, radio, boot and milking stool.

Wild symbols pay an important role in this game. This is an old TV set with the word wild written on it. Wilds substitute for everything except the special cloud bonus symbols, and will often help to create more wins.

Occasionally during the regular game, a storm cloud will appear when you spin. This deposits up to 5 wilds next to each other – giving you a great chance of some bigger wins.

The Tornado Feature

The bonus game is triggered by hitting 2 clouds, one with a red arrow pointing up and one with a blue arrow pointing down. These only appear on the first and fifth reel, and represent warm and cold fronts meeting up.

When this happens, the middle symbol (2nd row of reel 3) becomes your special symbol for the remainder of the feature. Around the reels you’ll see a tornado, and when the reels spin a mini-twister appears and picks up each of your symbols, depositing them in a special counter underneath the reels. You get paid an increasing number of coins per symbol as the game progresses. For example, with the cows, you get 30 coins for the first 4, then 50, 100 and 250 coins in stages – with 1200 coins for each cow if you hit 15 or more.

The game continues until you spin with none of your symbol (or wilds) in view – at which point you return to the main game again. You can see the scoring for each of the different symbols as the game progresses on the pay table.


Fun, Quirky Design

In addition to the fun game play, there is a fun element in the design of this game. You’ll get a flavor of it in the optional opening video, where the animals escape from the farm. When you get to the main game the view is from the air, as if looking down on the farm from within the tornado.

All of the symbols are bright, and really look like they are enjoying their escape (with the possible exception of the sheep – which does look a little worried). This happy feeling is helped by the bluegrass stomping soundtrack, along with slide guitar for when you win. You’ll also hear plenty of win effects.

Animations are saved for the bonus features, with only small (think shaking and lighting up) animations for the regular wins. The tornado feature really brings things to life – with the twister moving around the reels to help your symbols to escape in dramatic fashion.

Overall Experience

This slot is certainly unique – though it is the good humor and shot at some bigger wins as much as the game play which makes it so popular. While the main focus is the tornado bonus game, the ‘storm’ extra wilds should not be overlooked, as these can help to bring in some big wins too. I strongly recommend this game – check it out for yourself soon.

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