Super Nudge 6000 Slot Game

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This is a traditional 3-reel slot which uses the 2 sets of reels along with a ‘Supermeter’ concept. The core idea is that you win coins on the regular (bottom) set of reels, which you then take to the top set where you’ll have the opportunity to play for bigger prizes.

The unique feature – for modern games at least – of this slot is that the upper reels can nudge, or move, up to 3 times to help create better winning combinations. There is also the chance of a mystery win, triggered by 3 of the crown symbols, which can be up to the 6000 coins mentioned in the name.

This does look like a traditional mechanical slot, so if you are looking for one of NetEnt’s finely produced colorful 5-reel video slots, then this will not be the right game for you.


How to Win on Super Nudge 6000

In the base game – or lower set of reels – you have a choice between playing 1 coin per spin, 10 coins or 20. Choosing 1 coin is a mistake, as the pay table and returns to the player are a lot lower with this. All the prizes below are based on the 10-coin minimum.

There are 5 win lines, and the (fruit) symbols are stacked on the reels, meaning you will sometimes cover the entire 3×3 grid and get 5x the payouts. The biggest prize is 6000 coins, which comes from lining up 3 of the golden dollar symbols. Next are bells for 100 coins, melons (80), grapes (60), with lemons and oranges making up the smaller wins at 20 coins for 3.

When you win on this lower set of reels, instead of immediately adding to your cash total, the coins move to the upper set of reels and fill the ‘Supermeter’.

The Upper Reels and Nudge Feature

You can then either hit the collect button, or use the coins in the Supermeter to play the upper reels. These have fewer symbols on them, and also include the special nudge feature.

What will happen is that after each spin, if moving one or more reels up or down could improve (or create) a win, then they will do this automatically. You can choose whether to give the game the ability to nudge 1, 2 or 3 times by spinning for 20, 40 or 60 coins each time. This will often turn small wins into multi-line ones.

A new way of winning is also introduced. This is in the form of the crown symbols. Lining up 3 of these will pay a mystery win of between 300 and 6000 coins. There are also blue 7’s (100 coins for 3), melons and grapes (60 coins), and cherries and pears (20 coins) on the reels.

Your wins on the upper reels will always keep filling the super meter, any time you feel your win is big enough you can hit the ‘collect’ button on the lower left.


Traditional Slot Design

While there are some nice touches, the design of this slot is not on the list of reasons to play. This very much imitates an early electro-mechanical games – right down to the curved reels and basic, blocky fruit symbols. There are even LED style displays and clunking / whirring noises when you hit the spin button. One nice touch with the design is the view of a traditional US diner in the background, complete with birds flying past out of the window!

There is very little to note in the controls. Only a bet button (which cycles between 1, 10 and 20 coins) and a ‘max bet’ are available besides the spin and collect buttons.

Overall Experience

The dual-reel setup with the Supermeter is designed to up the excitement levels after a win on the regular game – and does a good job of achieving this. Adding nudges makes a big difference. While I was playing wins appeared seemingly from nowhere several times. The mystery wins with 3 crowns is also a nice addition to the Supermeter game.


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