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Spinata Grande is a high energy, colorful and very entertaining slot from NetEnt. The game is based around the Mexican tradition of smashing a piñata to reveal the goodies inside and there is no doubt that this game does supply some of these goodies.

The base game sees ‘colossal symbols’ introduced, where just one symbol can cover a 3×3 area on the reels, while one of those symbols is a mini slot machine in itself.

Landing this will activate the bonus feature where large payouts and free spins might be awarded – where you’ll have the potential for some big prizes!


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How to Win on Spinata Grande

In the base game of Spinata Grande slot you’ll see a total of nine standard symbols. The first four of these are colorful piñatas. A red bull is the highest paying, worth 300 coins when you hit the maximum five in a row. While a pink donkey is next and pays 200 coins. A green parrot and a blue fish who wears a hat are worth 100 and 60 coins respectively. The standard symbols are completed by the playing cards 10, J, Q, K and A which pay between 20 and 40 coins.

The ‘colossal symbols’ will make wins much easier to come by. As well as appearing as individual symbols, they will also occasionally as 2×2 blocks or 3×3 blocks, making it much easier to fill the reels with the same symbol, ensuring some big multi-line wins. Consider that if you land a 3×3 symbol which lands on reels 1, 2 and 3 you are already guaranteed 20 of the 3 in a row wins, which could become much larger if you land the same symbol on reels 4 and 5.

Spinata Grande Feature

You’ll find one other symbol which occasionally appear in the base game – the ‘colossal bonus’ symbol. This is a 3×3 symbol, so if appearing fully on the reels will take up the maximum 9 symbols (while if it appears partially, it will fill 3 or 6 symbols). This now becomes a mini slot in itself and each of the symbols on show will now spin again. There are four symbols available in this part of the game – a bronze coin which pays 20 for every appearance, a silver coin which pays 40, a gold coin which pays 80 and a free spins symbol. If you manage to land three free spins symbol you’ll enter the free spins round with a total of 5 free games (an extra spin will be awarded for every additional free spins symbol used to activate the feature).

During your free spins you’ll find a ‘colossal wild’ which once again is 3×3 in size. This shows a laughing skull wearing a red and black hat and when appearing virtually guarantees a huge payout, as wins will come both big and across a large number of win lines.

Colorful Mexican Themed Design

This NetEnt designed slot is set against the backdrop of a dusty Mexican town. Occasionally you’ll see the top of a sombrero move along the bottom of the screen, the unseen man underneath it whistling as he goes. The game is high on color throughout and you can’t help but smile at the design of the four piñata symbols, especially when they fill the reels when colossal. The accompanying soundtrack is just brilliant, with Mexican music and cries of delight whenever you land a win, which really adds to the entertaining and exciting atmosphere of the game.

Spinata Grande is a five reel slot, although with each reel being four symbols higher it is slightly larger than your usual 5×3 slot – although this makes perfect sense as the extra room is needed for those colossal symbols. Each spin comes at a minimum cost of 20 credits if the bet level is set at 1, while a bet level of 10 will mean a total stake of 200 credits, each credit ranging between just 1c and 10c. Options include a quick spin, where the reels will come to a rest faster than usual and the auto play where you can set the slot to play automatically for between 10 and 1,000 spins.

Overall Experience

There is no doubt that NetEnt have created a beautifully produced and entertaining game with Spinata Grande slots. The colossal symbols add a unique aspect to the base game which you will not find elsewhere – at the same time as enabling potentially large prizes. The way you’ll activate the feature is unique too, where you’ll find immediate rewards and the opportunity of entry into a potentially huge free spins round.


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