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The Secrets of Atlantis is a fanciful and colorful game with an aquatic aesthetic that amps up the fun on the traditional, slot-style gameplay. In this NetEnt game, players enter an underwater fantasy world of the ancient lost city of Atlantis. This Atlantis legend was created in stories by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, and it has captivated imaginations of people for thousands of years. Atlantis was held up as an ideal utopian society that was tragically lost along with the peace and wisdom it contained.

This epic legend has inspired books, movies, resorts, and, of course, online slot machine games like this one. Although pretty much all scientists agree that Atlantis never truly existed, other ancient cities were destroyed by natural disasters, which bring the “what if” factor to mind when people try to dismiss it. The intrigue behind the legend adds to the mysterious feel of the game, and Atlantis is immediately something players can recognize as a legend that is still relevant today.

Playing the Secrets of Atlantis

You can play the Secrets of Atlantis slot game on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

You can win up to 320,000 coins in this visually stunning, atmospheric game. It is a five-reel, four-row, 40-line fixed video slot game. Before you spin, you simply need to set the count amount. When you click the online lever, you can spin and reveal secrets from the depths of the sea. If you dislike risky spins, you are sure to appreciate that you can bring your pot up. Additionally, the Secrets of Atlantis pays out frequently. When you have a “Big Win!”, the mysterious mermaid who is at the center of the game may be revealed in close-up, and you can see the gold coins explode all around her bodice.

The background of the Secrets of Atlantis depicts a city that was long ago fully immersed in water, and there are many elegant touches that indicate that the underwater city was once grand and sophisticated.

Elements of the game include a variety of sea creatures like turtles and crabs, jewels that may have been from buried treasure, and oysters with pearls. (Pay special attention to the clam! As the symbol with the highest value, it can reward you with 400 times the amount of your bet if you are able to spin and get five of them on a pay line.)

These sea-themed symbols strongly enhance the undersea vibe. Despite how beautiful the rest of the game may be, the detailed animation of the dark-haired mermaid at the center of the game catches the eye and keeps it. No matter where the mermaid is on the game, she always fills up a full reel because it is both wild and a nudging wild.

Everything you need to know about your progress in the game and your earnings are displayed on the screen throughout the game. The bottom row reveals you how much coins you have available, the coin value, the level you are on, and how much you are betting.

Special Features

Some of the in-game bonus features of the Secrets of Atlantis include:

  • Nudge Wild – Since the mermaid is a wild symbol that takes up four symbols with her height, she nudges the reel up or down to often allow her to cover the entire reel.
  • Win Both Ways – This feature of the Secrets of Atlantis doubles your odds of winning. Because it allows you to win from right to left and left to right.
  • Colossal Symbols Offer Re-Spins – Win the colossal reels when three, full-color coral background reels land on the three center reels.

The Creators

NetEnt, the producers of the Secrets of Atlantis game, is a leading, award-winning provider of games to online casinos. It’s a pioneer in online gaming, and the Secrets of Atlantis game benefits from the high quality, innovative design that comes from a company who has developed a variety of casino games.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Secrets of Atlantis has a low variance when it comes to gameplay. However, its aesthetic appeal and the ingenuity of its design are undeniable. Its five reels with 40 lines are all sure to appeal to players who love slot-style gameplay.

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