Safari Madness by NetEnt

Compared to many of the latest NetEnt online slots – Safari Madness certainly falls into the ‘traditional’ category. There are 3 reels, and no breakout bonus games or special on-reel behaviors. What you’ll get is a solid game, with a lot of colorful animals giving your multiple ways to win. The win-lines go vertically as well as horizontally – making for 8 lines in total covering the 3×3 grid. There are some special payouts for covering all of the grid with the same symbol. The biggest win is a huge 3000 coins if you cover the entire 3×3 grid in the smiling tourist symbol.


How to Win on Safari Madness

Having vertical win lines did take me a few spins to get used to. There are the 3 regular horizontal lines, 3 vertical lines and the 2 diagonals starting from the top and bottom left. This gives you a total of 8 win lines (though this is adjustable down to a single line if you prefer).

The tourist in a red hat is the biggest paying symbol, this guy will pay 400 coins for 3 on a win-line, assuming the higher 20c coin value is selected. There are also scatter prizes for this symbol, which depend on the total amount in view (regardless of whether they are on a win line or not). This starts at 2 coins for just 2 and hits 100 coins by the time you see 6 – with 1000 coins for 8 and 3000 (the top prize of this slot) for the full 9.

There are special payments for all of the symbols, paid if they cover the entire 9 spots on the reels. All of them are generous, with 50 coins for coverage of any bar symbols, 200 for a full set of crocodiles and 700 for a full house of triple bars.

Back to the regular payments. The triple, double and single bars come next after the tourist – you’ll get 300, 100 and 40 coins for these respectively. Lions (20), cars (14), crocodiles and hippos (10) and any mixed bars (8) come next. The antelope has some special qualities – paying from just 1 on the reels. The prizes are 2 coins for 1, 4 coins for 2 and 8 coins for 3.

Just one last payout to note. If you get the entire 9 symbol grid covered in animals, you’ll win 15 coins regardless of what mix are on what lines!


Colorful Animal Based Design

Safari Madness has been created with bright colors and old style LED displays for your bets and wins. At the top of the slot you’ll see a scene with the tourist taking a photo of a grinning lion, with a hippo in the background and the words Safari Madness arching between them. The reels are also surrounded by animals, who are created slightly fuzzily – giving the impression of movement. Underneath you’ll find old style buttons.

The symbols are bold, colorful and cheerful in their design. You’ll be able to tell they were not created with the latest design tools. The shapes and coloring show some age, though this should not take away from your enjoyment of the game.

When you click the spin button each of the symbols appears to rotate individually – though they do come to a stop in the same pattern as full reels would. There are some basic slot sounds, though nothing particularly on-theme or that makes this slot stand out. No animations for this game, you’ll need to make do with flashing lines and boxes for your wins.

8-Line Setup

As a default, the maximum possible 8 lines are in play. You can reduce this down to a single line if you wish. You can also choose to bet 10 or 20 as your default coin value. The ‘bet max’ button simply bets your coin value over the full 8 lines. The pay table is accessed via a separate button on the left hand side.

Overall Experience

If you enjoy traditional slots, then this one could be worth taking for a spin. While there are no special features or jackpot prizes, you can win big with a full house of the safari-taking tourist. If you are looking for some of the beautifully produced and feature rich recent Net Entertainment games, this is probably not the game for you.

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