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There have been slots themed on Robin Hood before, including Sherwood Forest Fortunes from Rival Gaming and Lady Robin Hood by Bally – though none come close to the quality of production and innovative game play of Robin Hood: Shifting Riches from Net Entertainment.

This is a 5-reel game has a system which is similar to cascading wins, except the wins move to the right – allowing an entirely new reel to come into place. There is also a free spins round with an innovative trigger involving collecting bags of gold.


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How to Win on NetEnt’s Robin Hood Slot

Multipliers play a significant role in this game – and each time the reels shift over this will increase. The first win happens just like any other game. You’ll then see the 5th reel disappear, the other 4 moving to the right, and a new reel (spinning at first) coming into play on the left. Wins for the 2nd spin are doubled – and if you keep winning your 3rd win is tripled and 4th (and on) wins will have a 5x multiplier. What I like about this system compared to the similar cascading wins is that the wild symbols do not disappear to make it happen – often giving you a better chance of putting a sequence of wins together.

Regular wins are topped by the Robin Hood symbol, which is a nose, mouth and beard poking out of a hood surrounded by leaves. You’ll win 1000 coins for 5 of those, 300 for 4, 15 for 3 and 2 coins for just 2. These numbers are before any of the win multipliers kick in. Each symbol has a really good animation when involved in wins – for example Robin will stand up and fire and arrow and ‘Little John’ will head-butt one of the armour clad knights.

Next on the prizes list comes the knife-throwing maid Marian (750 coins for 5), the Little John and Friar Tuck (each at 250) and the knight (125). Playing card symbols are used for the smaller prizes, though these have been nicely designed to fit in with the general theme.

Wild symbols are logos, green and gold squares which simply say ‘Robin Hood’. These follow the usual slot wild rules and substitute for all symbols except the special bag of gold and free spins logo ones.

Bag of Gold Free Spins

There is a progressive element to this slot. Under each of the reels you will find a chest. Sometimes a special bag of gold symbol will appear on the reels. This starts an animation where the symbols disappear (revealing a countryside scene with Nottingham in the background behind), with Robin Hood appearing to deposit the bag of gold into a chest. These bags can stay for up to a year (assuming you are playing on the same computer). When you hit 4, the free spins game will kick in, with 10 spins to start off.

Before you get to that part a new screen appears with Friar Tuck (who is always drinking (presumably mead)). He will spin a line of symbols, which will stop to determine which is your extra wild. This not only helps to create more regular wins – it means that the reel shift feature will kick in more often too.

Once the free spins start you will notice a new background to the reels, with some of the characters at the top of the reels. When you hit wins a crowd appears at the bottom and Robin tosses coins to them. There is a new symbol, which simply says ‘free spins’ on the reels. 2 of these anywhere in view will add 5 more free spins to your total, while 3 adds 10 more spins.

When your bonus finishes there is a nice scene where the silhouettes of guards appear, and you then see your total win on a parchment pinned to a tree – like a medieval ‘Wanted’ poster.


Cartoon Design

Everything about the design and production of this game is top quality. The game starts with an entertaining opening video (of a forest based heist by Robin and men). It is the animations of the main characters which really bring things to life – these are entertaining, though short enough not to disrupt the game. I like the way that only one symbol animates per win, all of them doing the same thing would be over the top. There are medieval trumpet type sound effects for your wins.

All of this action takes place over a very standard 20 line setup using a 5 reel, 3 row grid. All the standard options are available including bet max and auto-play. You can adjust both your coin size and betting level to bet between 20c and $100 per spin.

Overall Experience

This is an excellent slot which hits the right balance between entertainment and the chance of hitting some big wins. The reel shift is a new concept, which works very well – often giving sequences of several wins in a row. The free spins round having an extra wild makes these sequences even more common.


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