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If you enjoy the candy matching games on mobile phones, then this real money slot will have a feeling of familiarity about it. This is more in the look and feel, since the game play is focused on making money!

There is an unusual system where consecutive wins unlock more symbols on the reels. These start out in a diamond shape, and if you hit enough wins can end up in a large square – this gives you plenty of extra ways to win, just at the moment when the free spins bonus kicks in.



r rush

The Unusual Expanding Reel Setup on Reel Rush

This slot uses an ‘all ways’ system, which means symbols on consecutive reels starting from the left will make wins regardless of their position. If you line up 5 symbols across the 5 reels, that is a win no matter where they are. If there is a gap of one or more reels, then you do not win.

All-ways wins combine with a system where the reels get bigger after each win. The starting combination is a diamond shape with 1-3-5-3-1 symbols going from left to right. If you hit a win then 2 of the ‘blocker’ symbols disappear from reel 1, giving you a 3-3-5-3-1 setup. The next win removes those same blockers from reel 5. These are free respins, so after each win the reels will keep respinning until the wins stop coming in (at which point the blocker symbols return).

Each time this happens, the number of potential winning combinations increases – giving you a better chance of clearing even more of the reels. If you hit 5 wins in a row, clearing the entire 5 by 5 grid you’ll have 3125 winning combinations – and also win 8 free spins.

Winning Combinations

You might expect the individual wins to be smaller, considering the respins and increasing number of winning combinations as you line up wins. Surprisingly, the top prize (for lining up 5 of the strawberries) is 1000 coins, with 250 for 4 and 10 for 3. A pineapple comes next at 500 coins for 5, with a lemon (250), apple (200), grapes (150) and plum (100) following that.

Smaller wins are colored sweets, there are 5 in total, each of them paying 50 coins for 5, 15 for 4 and 5 for just 3.

The final symbol is a wild, which is brown and gold – a simple symbol with the word ‘wild’ written on it. This only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 – meaning it can’t form wins on its own. Instead this symbol will substitute for any others covered above to give you more wins (and to help keep your streak going until you reach the 5 wins needed for the free spins).

Free Spins Bonus Game

If you manage to hit 5 wins in a row you will have cleared the blocking symbols and now be playing on a 5 by 5 grid. You will be awarded 8 free spins, and see the reels sparkle and hear a ‘fun’ tune kick in to liven up the game. These spins cycle through very quickly, and your running total of wins can be seen in the ‘Total Win’ box under the reels on the lower right.

Mobile Friendly Design

Graphics for this game are fun, though basic and blocky – which seems to show that it was designed with mobile phones in mind rather than desktops. Around the reels are some strange square trees and mushrooms, with the blue sky above holding some angular clouds.

Symbols are very angular, as if the traditional fruit symbols have been forced into a rectangle shape and given some ‘light shining’ effects. The colored sweets remind me of the kind of thing you suck when you have a sore throat! There are no true animations, though you’ll see plenty of flashes, twists and bursts of light when you make winning combinations.

Music starts off with some relaxed background keyboard sounds, then goes up an intensity level when you hit a series of wins – by the time you get to the free spins game this has become very lively pop music.

There is no need to select win-lines for this game – the all-ways system takes care of that. Instead you bet 50 credits per line, and choose your coin value from 1c and up based on that. For the high rollers out there, a bet multiplier option can select up to 10 coins per line.

Overall Experience

This is a simple game, though the expanding reels does add a level of excitement which other games lack. If you are lucky enough to hit 5 wins in a row, then you’ll win 8 free spins with the maximum number of symbols in view. Reel Rush would be an ideal game to check out on your mobile phone.

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