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With so many slots themed on Ancient Egypt, it takes a fresh look at the topic to make a game stand out these days.

Net Entertainment have certainly created something visually different with Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slot game. For a start the reels are in a pyramid shape, with a 3-4-5-4-3 configuration with a flat bottom over the 5 reels.

The graphics and visual elements are also beautifully produced. This game uses an all-ways winning system, which is combined with cascading (avalanche) wins and multipliers. All of the action is in the base game, and the top win is a staggering 3,600,000 coins.


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All-Ways and Cascading Wins on Pyramid Quest

Using all-ways and this unusual setup gives 720 possible winning combinations. Rather than win lines, consecutive symbols from the left hand reel covering 3 or more reels are considered wins, regardless of their position.

When you hit wins, they will explode – leaving gaps on the reels. The remaining symbols will then fall down into the gaps, with new ones (including wilds) coming in at the top. This will sometimes trigger a second win – and a third and so on. On the left are 3 blue circles, 2 small and one big. As you hit wins these light up, with the 3rd win triggering a 2x multiplier. If you hit the top circle again, this multiplier increases.

Winning Combinations

Multipliers, 720 winning combinations, wilds and cascading wins gives you a lot of winning potential – though individually the coin wins are on the smaller side.

The single biggest win is for 5 of the golden Pharaoh masks, which will get you 50 coins – with 8 coins for 4 and 5 coins for 3. The female figure (Cleopatra?) is next at 25 coins for 5, with the scarab beetle at 10 coins. Other unique symbols are a golden bird on a blue background, and a snake with some crossed tools in front of it (also in gold).

Playing cards, which are set on stone backgrounds each showing different hieroglyphics, make up the smaller wins.

Wilds play an important role in this game, and you’ll get extras during the avalanche feature when winning combinations are completed by any symbols at the top of reels 2, 3 or 4. These are purple and show a golden Ankh symbol. There are no restrictions on their ability to substitute for the other symbols in this game – though they will explode along with the winning combination when the avalanche kicks in.


Stunning Golden Design

It is the design of this slot game which is the real stand out point. It manages to look different from other Ancient Egypt slots, while maintaining solid game play. The most striking aspect are the two golden statues on the left and right above the reels. Both of these depict ancient gods, and are holding staffs which create the border to the game.

Having reels in a pyramid shape is a nice touch, and the details really do make a difference. These include stars in the small patches of sky above, and hieroglyphics on the top of the staggered reels. When you hit the spin button you will reveal a statue behind the reels, the symbols are on blocks that fall into place (in the same kind of order as a slot spin), covering this up.

Symbols are very detailed, and different enough from each other in color and design to stand out against the plain stone background of the playing cards. The wild symbols certainly stand out with a large gold Ankh in the middle – and the trust scarab beetle is very detailed in gold, blue and pink.

The only real animations come from the explosions when you hit wins. There are swirling abstract patterns are new blocks get created at the top of the reels too. Sound effects include a background tune with steady drumming, along with short tunes when you win.

You bet just 10 units to access the 720 winning combinations, with an option a switch up your coins size and add a multiplier of up to 10x. As usual with NetEnt slots max bet and auto-play are never far away.

Overall Experience

Pyramid, Quest for Immortality certainly looks amazing. The different style of game play starts with the unusual reel setup, which looks like a pyramid shape – and the 720 ways to win. With most wins on the smaller side your big payouts will come when you get the multiplier up during a long sequence of cascading ‘avalanche’ wins. This can reach 10x.

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