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Perfect for lovers of gambling and metal music alike, Motörhead fans can rock out in style with the exciting release of Net Ent`s Motörhead slot game.

One of the largest and most popular rock groups of all time, British band Motörhead was highly influential in the development of modern metal music. Evolving out of the London punk scene of the mid-1970s, Motörhead brought forth a sound that has been categorized as heavy metal, thrash metal, and even hair metal.

The band, led by bassist and singer/songwriter Lemmy Kilmister, who was the the only consistent member, rose to instant stardom, going on to release over two dozen studio albums, 10 live recordings, and five EPs over the course of 40 years. With top-rated albums like Ace of Spades and No Sleep ’til Hammersmith, few music fans aren’t familiar with the fast-paced, thrashing tones that make up Motörhead’s discography.


Despite over four decades of success, Lemmy’s untimely death in December 2015 from prostate cancer and heart disease ended the seemingly-unstoppable trajectory of one of history’s most lauded names in music. Fans around the world have lamented the band’s demise, making the timing of this slot’s release appropriate for mourners across the United States and Europe.

For those who wish to see Lemmy’s prowess played out to the fullest, Motörhead’s legacy lives on through the Motorhead slots machine. Created by dynamic developer NetEnt, the video slot features heavy metal riffs, band symbols, and the potential to win big. Available on both desktop and mobile devices, you can enjoy Motörhead’s music while testing your luck virtually anywhere.

Playing the Motorhead Video Slot

Players preparing to hit spin will notice first and foremost the unique layout that dominates this testimony to one of music’s greatest names. Instead of the standard even grid, this slot features five reels of varying sizes, creating a sideways pyramid shape. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stand in the way of performance or your ability to win: 76 available paylines make the ability to score big a likely possibility.

Upon getting started, users are immediately immersed in the theme on the intro screen; a warning label is displayed and heavy metal chords throb, welcoming players into the Motörhead fold. Once playing, controls are simple and straightforward, reminiscent of many other video slots. Bets are adjustable at the bottom of the screen, with the Spin button highly visible in the center. Like many other NetEnt games, bets use a coin system, standing in for a monetary equivalent that is listed along the bottom of the screen. Bets range from $0.20 to $200, and game play is available for free as well as for real-money.

Symbols on the reel are reminiscent of the band’s most recognizable imagery, including clovers, profiles of Lemmy’s face, horseshoes, the number seven, and more. The background is dark, featuring shades of gray and black with guitars, amps, and concert lighting, which is perfectly suited to the rock music soundtrack. A spin gets the game rolling, spinning the Motörhead-themed reels. Hitting one or more paylines triggers a win, which is instantly noticeable with flashing lights and step up in rock and roll chords.

Play is punctuated by vibrant music and the occasional R-rated phrase, delighting fans familiar with Motörhead’s raunchy history. If you want a more complete experience, just click on the Rock Mode button in the bottom right corner, which will trigger a few Motörhead classics, including Ace of Spades, Killed by Death, and Overkill.

The Ace is wild, replacing everything but the Scatter, which takes the form of a gold-plated band logo with the words Scatter written above and below. Scatters are available on reels 3, 4 and 5, and any three can win you 10 free spins. The same is true for Wild symbols; three of these will also provide free spins to enjoy.

Bonus Features

Basic play is similar to many other video slots, but the special features are where this game truly shines.

Players can take advantage of the possibility of Mystery Reels on every spin, including in free spin mode, increasing the excitement. These reels will spin in flames while displaying the Motörhead logo, letting you know that something special is happening. When they’re done spinning, they will transform into a random mystery symbol, upping your odds of winning big. Your chances increase when a Wild appears, enhancing the potential of your winnings. The only downside to this feature is the inaction of the Scatter on the Mystery Reels, which limits your chances to win free spins.

For even bigger wins, the Bomber Feature really sets this slot apart. An awesome addition to an already rocking game, this feature is accessible right before every spin in the main game. As the name implies, this option will explode bombs on the reels, boasting a mix of mystery symbols that can trigger huge wins. Ten or more symbols will appear with each bomb across all paylines, truly expanding each spin’s potential. While there’s no guarantee, this feature makes it much easier to hit four of a kind wins, multiplying your bet for maximum payouts.

The Bottom Line

If you love Motörhead, you’ll love the metal-inspired action of this fast and fun video slot. With a clean, sleek interface and easy controls, expert gamblers and novices alike can find enjoyable entertainment in this game. The soundtrack and rock music-inspired backdrop are exciting, and fans of the band will love the sound effects, the reel symbols, and the use of some of Lemmy’s signature lines. The variance is decidedly medium, allowing players to trigger average wins for minimal risk. If you’re a conservative gambler, or simply want to play an enjoyable game that favors an amazing metal band, this slot can be a great way to let loose.

Despite the fun bonus features, the possibility for free turns, and the unique reel alignment, there aren’t many truly unique aspects about this slot. However, if you’re fan of Motörhead, there’s no reason not to take this NetEnt production for a spin.

These reels will spin in flames, letting you know that something special is happening.

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