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NetEnt do a fine job of designing very original slots and Mega Joker is no different. Yes, the base game is a very traditional three reel slot, but land a win when playing for the maximum stake and you’ll have the opportunity to move on to the second set of reels, where you’ll find extra symbols and much larger payouts.

This online slot game contains many of the classic symbols on the reels, including the sevens, bells and melons, while the Joker himself is the symbol that stands out most, this having a random payout amount so you’ll never know exactly what you’ll win!


How to Win on Mega Joker

The base game of Mega Joker sees a very standard three reel slot, with a total of 5 win lines. These lines are the three horizontals and the two diagonals. You’ll have the option of playing for either 1 credit or 10 credits, but we would advise the maximum 10 as this gives you the greatest chances of the biggest wins. Assuming you are playing for 10 credits, here we detail the payouts (playing for 1 credit sees a different pay table).

Land three treasure chests in a row and you’ll win the maximum payout of 2,000 coins, while three bells pay 200 coins. The melons pay out 80 coins, while the both the lemons and the cherries are worth 20 coins. The joker is slightly different as you’ll find the payout is listed as between 20 and 400 coins, the win amount randomly awarded between the two.

Every time you hit a win when playing for 10 credits you’ll have the opportunity of gambling the win amount on the upper set of reels. This works exactly like a gamble, as you can simply choose collect and carry on playing on the lower set of reels, although you should certainly consider the gamble, as this is the most exciting part of the game.

Depending on how much you win, you can play for 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins per spin on the upper reels. Playing for 20 or 40 credits is much like the base game below, although you’ll find much higher payouts (especially when playing for 40 credits) and a wider range of symbols frequenting the reels.

If you do win enough in the base game, playing for 100 or 200 credits on the upper reels offers the most exciting spins of all. If playing for 100 coins, each joker that lands on the middle reel will pay a random payout of between 100 and 2,000 coins. If playing for 200 coins, each joker that lands on the reels full stop will pay out between 100 and 2,000 coins. If you manage a big win on the upper reels you can of course choose to continue playing on this upper reel set.

The maximum total payout on either set of reels is 2,000 coins on any one spin.

Double-Reeled Design and Setup

If you like an all-action screen, the design of Mega Joker will appeal. With two sets of reels and all of the pay out information right there in front of you, there is room for little else, but somehow NetEnt have even managed to squeeze in some palm trees and even their logo too. The game is played on a standup slot that you might find at a casino and you’ll control the action by pushing the large buttons below the reels. The sound effects are basic but somewhat satisfying, the clunking and whirring of the reels and the beeps and buzzes when you win taking you back to an earlier time of slot gaming.

The control panel contains just four buttons. The collect button on the left hand side is used to collect your win amount instead of gambling it on the upper set of the reels. The ‘bet’ button switches the initial stake between 1 and 10 credits, while the ‘max bet’ button sets the credits to 10 and spins the reels. The ‘spin’ button spins the reels at the current bet size. Other options include a mute button to toggle the sound on and off and a settings button where you can turn off the sound effects and activate the ‘fast play’ option.

Overall Experience

Mega Joker is a very entertaining game which will certainly appeal to those players who like to make use of the gamble option. At other slots this might entail the turn of a single card or the flip of a coin, but here the option is just fantastic, with a whole new slot opening up. Being a 3 reel slot, this may not appeal to all casino users, but it is certainly worth a spin!

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