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NetEnt have a great history of designing online slots which have a unique aspect to the base game and Magic Portals is no different. The ‘magic portals’ are circles which are found on reels 1 and 5 and your aim is to land matching symbols in each, whereby extra wilds and wins will be heading your way.

On the reels you’ll find a variety of magical symbols including three very colorful human characters, a devil-like dragon, an owl, a wolf – and three orbs. The free spins bonus feature is the highlight of this game, as you’ll find additional portals, meaning wins come along both more frequently and in larger amounts.


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How to Win on Magic Portals

This five-reel slot pays from left to right, with payouts coming your way when landing three or more symbols in a row on a win line. The female red fiery character pays 500 coins for landing the maximum five in a row, the white-bearded wizard pays 300 coins and the icy blue female pays 200 coins. You’ll notice that each of the symbols is linked to one of the three characters. The red fiery female is linked to the dragon and the red orb, which pay 175 and 100 coins respectively. The white-bearded wizard is linked to the owl and the green orb, which pay 150 and 75 coins respectively. Finally, the icy blue female is linked to the wolf and the blue orb, which pay 125 and 50 coins respectively.

The Magic Portal Feature

Wilds are a big part of the game, although you won’t actually find any of these spinning on the reels. On the middle row of reels one and five you’ll find a circle around the symbols (this is the magic portal itself). If you manage to land the same symbol in each of these portals, both of the matching symbols will now turn wild. Additionally, if the same symbol appears anywhere else on the reels, this will become wild too. This can lead to spins where a large number of wilds will fill the reels, almost ensuring a big win.

This unique use of the wild means that at every spin you’ll be looking at reel 5 and hoping to land that matching symbol, which certainly makes for a much more entertaining base game than usual.

Magic Portal Free Spins Feature

On reels 1 and 5 you’ll find a ‘free spins’ symbol. To activate these free games you’ll need to land this symbol in each of the two magic portals. You’ll now have 10 free spins, although each of these spins has a huge bonus, as you’ll find reel five filled with three magic portals. If you can match the symbol in the portal on reel one with any of the three within the portals on reel five, these will become wild, as will any matching symbols on the reels. With matching symbols being much more likely, those big wins are never far away. Of course, if you manage to land the free spins symbol in the portal on reel one, you’ll have 3x the chance of re-triggering an additional 10 free spins and in playing the game, we found this was retriggered very often.


Striking Design and Setup

Magic Portals is a striking looking slot. The background is a swirling dark blue, while many of the brilliantly designed symbols have a malevolent air, none more so than the dragon. The only way the design could have improved is by the addition of some animation on the reels, instead of the simple glowing of the symbols. The slightly haunting soundtrack to the game only adds to this atmospheric slot.

Options available in the bottom left hand side of screen include a mute button, a settings button where you can change the graphics quality and the speed of the spin and an auto play option which you can set to between 10 and 1,000 spins. This game has 25 win lines and you’ll choose both the bet level and the coin value to set your total stake for each spin, although hitting max bet will automatically set the bet level to the maximum 10.

Overall Experience

Magic Portals is one of the more engaging slots you’ll find online. Usually you’ll hit spin and you’ll quickly turn off when the first two or three reels don’t seem too promising. However here you’ve always got the opportunity to match that symbol on reels 1 and 5, leading to a potentially big win. This only gets better when you enter the feature, where both big wins and many opportunities of landing extra spins promise a high paying bonus round. Add in the eye catching visuals and the atmospheric sound effects and this is a must play.

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