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At first glance you might assume that Lucky 8 Line follows a real classic theme. All of the symbols on the reels are from traditional fruit machines, including the red sevens, the bar symbols, bells and of course the cherries.

You have the same three reels found at the majority of these classic games. However, this game is very different to your usual 3-reel slot machine. This is because the slot pays in eight different directions – the three horizontals and the two diagonals as usual, while the three verticals is anything but usual, giving the slot a highly original air. Second, the slot has 9 reels, one for each symbol, which is certainly unique.


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How to Win on Lucky 8 Line

The most straightforward way of winning at this NetEnt designed slot is to land three of the same symbols in a row on one of the 8 win lines. The highest paying symbol is the red seven which pays 200x your stake. The triple, double and single bar symbols are worth 100x, 50x and 30x respectively, while a combination of the three bar symbols will also pay out 10x your stake. The melons, the bells, the plums and the oranges are next, paying between 20x and 10x.

The only symbol which is a little different is the cherry. Yes, you’ll win when you land three in a row (10x your stake) but you’ll also win a payout when landing just one cherry (2x) and two in a row (5x).

This isn’t the only way you’ll win when playing Lucky 8 Line. Each of the symbols appears on its own reel, you have the potential of all 9 symbols on the slot all being exactly the same and this is where you’ll find the largest payouts of all. If the reels are filled with nine red sevens, you’ll win 1000x your total stake. The pay table shows that any symbol filling the reels will pay at least 50x, while a combination of the nine bar symbols will also pay 50x. As an added bonus, filling the reels with a combination of the fruit symbols will pay you 15x your stake.

The red seven is also a scatter symbol and you’ll be paid out when you land two or more across any of the reels, regardless of the position, starting at 2x your stake for the minimum 2, rising through 100x your stake for landing 6, while, as stated earlier, the maximum 9 pays 1,000x.


Retro Design and Unique Setup

The Lucky 8 Line slot looks exactly like a slot you might find on a casino floor, with the large LED style buttons found beneath the reels. The casino look is continued in the backdrop, as the palm trees and the stylish setting will make you feel like you’re standing inside a Vegas casino. The symbols look exactly like they would at any classic slot, and graphically they are somewhat basic, although this is exactly the look the slot is aiming for. The soundtrack to the slot is something like that out of a 1990’s console game!

To the right hand side of the reels you’ll find both a 10c coin and a 20c coin and you’ll simply click one of these to set the coin value. Hit Bet Max to spin the reels at the maximum stake, or spin to spin the reels at your selected stake (the impatient among you can hit these buttons again immediately to stop the spinning much quicker). The auto play button is a small one found in the bottom left hand side of the screen, but click this and you can sit back and enjoy between 10 and 1,000 spins without interruption.

Overall Experience

Without a feature outside of the base game, this slot might not appeal to all, but there are a wide range of players who will enjoy this slot. Firstly, traditional slot fans will certainly enjoy the classic range of symbols, each of these on the white backed curved reels players are so used to. Secondly, the unique aspect of the win lines and the nine different reels gives the game an originality which sets it apart from other traditional 3-reel slot games.

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