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Lost Island seems to be something of a spooky place. On this island you’ll find a large number of artifacts, some of them actually looking very modern, but wandering around you’ll quickly realize there isn’t a human in sight.

The slow, somewhat haunting soundtrack to the slot adds to the slightly strange atmosphere on the island. In terms of game play, this slot has a very interesting and unique use of the wild, while the free spins bonus feature takes this even further, meaning some potentially huge wins could be winging their way to this remote setting.


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How to Win on Lost Island

The highest paying symbols are the five artifacts that have been left behind on the island. The golden mask set within a red circle is the highest paying of all, worth 500 coins for the maximum 5 in a row. A golden caterpillar is next on the pay table, this having a top payout of 400 coins. A green drum and a purple necklace are next, worth 350 and 300 coins respectively. The final symbol is perhaps the most interesting of all, a triangle of three stones each with a triangle of gold rising from the top. This symbol looks more alien perhaps than one from an ancient civilization.

Wild symbols are represented by a purple glowing lotus flower and will substitute for any other symbol just as it would at any other slot. However, above the reels to the right of the slot you’ll find a meter showing the five multipliers 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. For each wild that appears one of the segments of the meter will light up and this multiplier will be applied to the spin. For example if you win 50 coins and there are 3 wilds on the reels, the win amount will be trebled to 150 coins. This makes for a very interesting feature of the game, especially when you consider that if you were to land the maximum 5 wilds you’re probably looking at a big win anyway, but here it will be huge, as it will be multiplied by 5.

Lost Island Slot Free Spins Round

The scatter symbol is perhaps the most eye-catching, showing a golden tortoise with a shell made of a sparkling purple gem. Land three scatters across any of the reels and you’ll find yourself with 10 free spins, while four or five scatters will give you a very impressive 20 or 30 free spins respectively.

During each of the free spins you’ll find a wild symbol is automatically placed in the center row of the middle reel, perfectly placed to give you additional wins. As well as this immediate wild, you’ll also find that other wilds are stacked during the feature, meaning wins are much easier to come by. Of course, a reel filled with 3 stacked wilds will also mean that the multiplier meter will also rise by three, meaning you’ve got the best of both worlds.




Mysterious Design

The backdrop to this game only adds mystery to the setting. You’ll find a beautiful looking forest, with the plants and flowers all very rich in unusual colors, while standing tall in amongst the greenery you’ll also find stone carvings, these are incredibly ornate. The reels are slightly transparent, meaning the backdrop remains in view throughout, while dots either side of the reels represent the win lines. The reels take up a much larger proportion of the screen than usual, meaning that the well-designed symbols loom large, while the soundtrack is just perfect.

Just like the majority of the NetEnt range, this slot has the somewhat standard 5×3 reel configuration, this game with a total of 20 win lines. The exact route of every win line is displayed on the pay table, so you’ll know exactly how and why you’ve won. You’ll choose both the bet level (ranging between 1 and 10) and the coin value (ranging between 1c and 10c) to set your total stake. This slot has many options including the auto play, sound settings, graphics quality and the option for a ‘quick spin’.

Overall Experience

Lost Island might not be as full of features as you’ll find at a number of the other games in the NetEnt range, but it certainly plays well. The increasing multipliers as you land more wilds makes for something of a higher variance game than usual, meaning that when you win big, your wins can be very large! The nature of the free spins round gives you even more opportunities for a profitable session.


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