Kings of Chicago Slots

This unusual NetEnt slot brings together poker hands, 1930’s décor and costume, and a 5-line video slot game.

After just a few ‘deals’ to tune into the somewhat unique game play, I enjoyed this game a lot. Instead of lining up symbols like in regular slots, you are trying to make poker hands over the 5 different win lines.

This is helped by a ‘joker’ card, and there is a ‘free deals’ bonus where your wins will be doubled too.


How to Win on the Kings of Chicago Slot

Instead of spinning, the cards are spread in 5-reels worth of 3. What I like about the way this is done is that if any line shows a potential win that needs the final ‘reel’ to complete it (or make it better), there is a delay while those last cards are turned. This recreates the staggered stopping of reels on slot games, without slowing down the game too much.

All of the symbols are playing cards, and all of the payments come from making poker hands. If you are lucky enough to hit a royal flush, you’ll get 10,000 coins if this is created without using the joker. A royal with the joker is actually the 3rd highest prize, paying 1000 coins. 5 of a kind (4 of 1 card + the joker) is higher at 1500. The other higher wins are 250 coins for a straight flush and 75 for a 4 of a kind.

The smaller and more frequent wins come from hands like a full house (50 coins), flush (25 coins), straight (7 coins) or 3 of a kind (2 coins). Any win which include the joker substitute card is doubled.

Scatters and Free Deals

Some of the playing cards have the word ‘Scatter’ on them. These will trigger both a prize and the free deals (free spins) game for 3+ anywhere in view. You’ll get 5 coins for just 2 of them on the reels.

3 scatters get you 10 free deals and 15 coins, 4 brings 15 free deals and 50 coins – and there is a 500-coin prize for 5, along with 30 free deals.

The free deals are the same as the base game, with 2 main differences. First, there is a jazz track playing throughout your bonus. Second, any wins you hit during the free deals are doubled. This means that if you hit a hand with a joker (which doubles the prize too) then your wins are worth 4x what you see on the pay table.

For me the free deals are just a little too fast – I found my eyes were just about to tune in to any winning potential, when the next deal got started!

Art Deco Chicago Design

It could have been easy to use regular playing cards in this game, though the attention to detail that NetEnt has put in really does help to bring the game to life. The ‘reels’ looks like a top-down view of a poker table, with chips, diamonds, a gun and big piles of money around the edges.

The design of the picture cards is excellent, with the kings and queens showing people in full period costume – the ladies in particular looking very colorful. The guys are mob type figures, complete with cigars or whiskey. Jacks are the ground troops, plainer looking guys with guns.

Sound effects include a very shrill siren type sound, which goes up in pitch and then disappears. Card type noises and short tunes for wins (as well as the jazz for the free deals) can also be heard.

5 Win Line Setup

With just 5 lines in play, most people use the coin size adjustment and ‘level’ multiplier to find a total spin amount to suit their bankroll. You can bet from anywhere between 5c and $50 on a single deal – auto-play is also possible.

Overall Experience

This game turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Poker and slots are not the easiest of games to integrate, and NetEnt has managed to keep the feeling of a slot alive while giving you the chance of a big royal flush payout here. The free deals may be a little too fast – though the doubled wins can make this bonus very profitable.


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