Jackpot 6000 Slot

Compared to some of the complex video slots in the Net Entertainment range – Jackpot 6000 is a completely different game. This is based on the traditional 3-reel slot setup, with a lot of the traditional fruit symbols on the reels.

There are 5 win-lines in play. Once you start to spin you’ll find that there are some features above and beyond lining up the different fruits.

When you win, your coins are transferred to a ‘super meter’ from where you can spin for more money. As the title of this game suggests, the main attraction is that you can win 6000 coins from a single spin.


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How to Win on Jackpot 6000

First the base game, where you’ll need to hit 3 of one of the 5 traditional symbols to trigger a win. The symbols do come stacked on the reels, meaning you can cover all 9 positions in a single symbol at times – this will pay out on all 5 win lines.

The smallest prizes come via the cherries and lemons, where you’ll get 20 coins for 3. Grapes come next at 60 coins for 3, with bells (80) and gold stars in a circle (100) the bigger base game wins.

You will also find a joker on the reels, which acts as both the jackpot symbol and a scatter. To be in with a chance of hitting the top prize, you need to be betting the maximum 10 coins per spin. 3 jokers will then win you 6000 coins. If you bet less than this the prizes vary from 400 coins (if you bet 2) to 1600 coins if you bet 8. The scatter prizes only come into play for the ‘super meter’ part of the game.

Gamble or Super-Meter?

After any base game win, you are offered the chance to gamble on a double or nothing game. There are 6 gold coins on the bottom right of the screen, and 2 buttons – one with a face and the other a maple leaf. If you click a button the coins will light up and where the light stops determines whether you double your money or lose the bet.

If you do not gamble, then your win goes to a new LED meter which is part of the logo. This is the super-meter, and you can now spin the reels for 20 coins instead of the maximum 10. The advantage here is that the mystery scatter wins now come into play with the joker. If you hit 2 of them anywhere on the reels, you get a random prize of anywhere between 10 and 6000 coins.

All wins here are added to your super-meter total. If you would like to collect them instead then there is a collect button on the far left at the bottom.


Traditional and Colorful Slot Design

This game is made to look like you were in a casino playing it. There is even a second NetEnt 3-reel slot (Gold Rush) pictured behind it in the distance. You get everything on one screen, with the pay table and logo above the reels. The overall color scheme is pink and yellow, with reels made to look slightly curved – as the original mechanical games would have looked.

The impression is crowded, with a lot of contrasting elements – though as you become familiar with the game these all make sense. Sounds are minimal, with some winning bleeps just about all you will get.

To complete the traditional slot look and feel, there is even a picture of an ‘insert coins’ slot to the right of the reels above the gold coins. The bet sizes and wins are all on LED type displays.

Overall Experience

Traditional slot fans will enjoy the solid game play here, with the super-meter and scatter win elements adding some extra interest. The biggest prize of 6000 coins for just a 10-coin bet is big enough to hold some interest too. If you are expecting one of the lavishly produced video slots from NetEnt, then this might not be your pick – though for a solid slot experience, it hits the right balance.

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