Jack Hammer 2 Slot from NetEnt


This is a fast paced slot which has the look and feel of a 1950’s comic book. Jack Hammer is not a piece of building equipment – but the hero of the game. He will fight with Don Crabby and try to rescue the beautiful Olive, who has been kidnapped!

This is a feature packed game, with the most noticeable addition the ‘sticky wins’, where you’ll get respins every time you hit a winning combination. There is a free spins bonus round in which extra random wilds appear – which has the effect of making the sticky wins kick in more often.


How to Win on Jack Hammer 2

The sticky wins feature can seem confusing the first time you come across it – here is how this works. When you get a regular win with 3 or more symbols (which can include wilds), those symbols will stick on the reels while the remaining symbols quickly re-spin. If you hit any more matching symbols, those also stick, and the reels spin again. Sometimes you will hit 2 different combinations of wins at once. This can keep going for a long time, with all of the extra spins being free. When a spin comes in that does not add any more winning symbols the feature ends and your wins are calculated for that spin. If you are lucky, it is possible to cover the entire set of reels with the same symbol – triggering all 99 win-lines at once.

Those wins are headed by Jack Hammer himself, which is worth 500 for the full 5 on a line – with 75 coins for 4 and 25 for 3. Olive comes next (complete with fox fur collar and microphone) at 250 coins for 5. Don Crabby, who looks like a mafia guy with crab pincers instead of hands, is worth 150 for 5, and the ‘goons’ are worth 100. Smaller wins come from lots of accessories to the storyline, including a moonlit dock, speedboat, barrels of fish, gun case with a crab escaping from it and an old 50’s style microphone.

Wild symbols are on the reels (a red symbol with the word ‘wild’ on it). These will substitute for all of the regular symbols above – though not the electric eel free spins symbols.

Free Spins Bonus with Random Wilds

The free spins scatter symbols have the same sticky wins sequence as regular wins. If you get 3 on the reels, you’ll get more spins and hopefully collect some more. If you get 5 then you are awarded 10 free spins, with 13 for 6, 16 for 7 and 20 spins for 8 or more.

You’ll then see a comic book type graphic, where Olive is suspended by a rope and Don Crabby is issuing the threat that if he cannot have her, nobody can! Once the spins begin, they are accompanied by a jazz soundtrack throughout.

During this game, each spin sees one of two extra wilds appear at random. One is a pincer from Don Crabby, the other is a fist from Jack Hammer. These combine with the regular symbols and the regular wilds, and help to trigger the sticky wins sequences more often. In addition, all wins are doubled during the free spins – these can be re-triggered with 5+ of the free spins icons at any point.


Surreal Cartoon Design

The way that the slightly bizarre crab bad-guy story is woven into this slot is very well produced. You’ll see a city view and bright behind the reels, with the drawings faithfully following the style and the color choices of early comic books. Don Crabby is the stand out symbol for me, never mind those pincers – there is something sinister about the way his eyes move!

Instead of animations, the winning symbols are highlighted by squares with a yellow overlay while the sticky wins are going on. There are smaller animations with the extra wilds in the free spins game, and the buzzing of the electric eel free spins icon.

This slot uses a 99 win-line setup, though your bets will be in multiples of 50. The smallest coin size is just 1c and the ‘bet level’ option allows you to gamble up to 10 coins per line.

Overall Experience

A very entertaining slot, Jack Hammer 2 has a different look and feel to most of NetEnt’s games. The retro cartoon feel, and odd storyline work well with the individualistic game play. Sticky wins can often turn a simple 3 of a kind into a multiple line win – though the highlight is definitely the doubled wins during the free spins plus extra fish and claw wilds which appear at that point.

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