Invisible Man Slot

This slot is a tie-in with movie studio Universal, which released an Invisible Man movie in February 2020. NetEnt is known for imaginative and rich slot games – and this one does not disappoint on either count. In addition to the amazing graphics and production there are plenty of unique features.

These include directional wins, walking wilds (which trigger bonus games when they meet), free spins with a point collecting sub-game and then 2 special bonuses which are triggered during the free spins. This game also has a tense atmosphere, and some excellent video sequences between the different parts.


i man

How to Win on the Invisible Man

Wins come from both directions, with 20 win-lines in play this means that smaller wins are very frequent. It might take you a few spins to stop being surprised when wins come in from the right hand side towards the left. 5 of a kind wins will only pay in one direction.

Winning symbols are all characters from the film, or at least computer designed versions of them. You can find their names in the pay table. The best paying is Flora Cranley at 500 coins for 5. This is followed by Arthur Kemp (400), Dr Cranley (300), Mr Hall (200) and Mrs Hall (150). There are golden playing card symbols in play which have been given that turn of the century (1800’s to 1900’s) look and feel.

It is the two wilds which make the base game interesting. These are the Police Wild (which always starts at the left hand side) and the Griffin Wild (the invisible man, this one starts at the left hand side). When either appear, you’ll get a sequence of respins, where the reels spin for free. Each spin sees the wild move one reel over, with the final free respin when it disappears off the side of the screen. You will often accumulate several wins during these sequences – especially those times you get more than one of these wilds on the screen.

Things get a lot more interesting when you have a moving wild for the policeman and the Invisible Man on the same row. Things are normal until they meet, with the two wilds producing extra wins. When they meet you’ll get a small explosion, and see a new wild with both characters inside. This is what triggers the free spins bonus game.

Free Spins and Two Extra Bonus Games

You’ll then see a video sequence where the policeman stands guard while the Invisible Man approaches, then ducks behind a wall. The reels then appear over the scene, with one character on either side. You get 10 free spins to start with. Since the same system of wilds is in play, they can meet on the reels again – triggering 4 extra spins each time.

There are a lot more wilds during this bonus, and as they fall off the sides of the reels they accumulate in special meters above the reels. Depending on which meter fills up first (if any) you can get a special ‘Police Spins’ bonus game or ‘Invisible Man’ bonus game.

There are only 3 police spins, though the location and the wilds make this potentially very profitable. The setting is a burning house, and you’ll get 5 ‘burning wilds’ which are shot into place by the policeman. Each of the 3 spins sees the wilds in different places.

The Invisible Man bonus is an elaborately designed picks game. You will go into 3 buildings, populated by the game’s characters. You are invisible, and pick items from around the scene by clicking them. There are cash awards and multipliers – and you keep picking until you get an ‘X’, at which point you move to the next building. This is an entertaining game and some bigger wins are possible.

Dark and Tense Design

From the opening sequence this slot is high quality when it comes to the design. You’ll see the Invisible Man performing his final experiment, by injecting glowing green liquid into his arm before disappearing. When the reels appear you can see phials of chemicals around the reels, and the characters in golden circles on them. These are drawn in muted dark colors, though that takes nothing away from the detailed artwork. There are some nice small touches, for example the spin button bubbles like green liquid when you press it.

Animations start with the two wilds. These move quickly and smoothly across the screen, with the game speeding up for your respins. When they meet you’ll get an additional animation when they explode. Free spins also have some extra animations, with the policeman being jolted by the wilds as they fall off the screen, and the invisible man losing parts as the wilds get to him.

It is the bonus games which really take this slot to the next level for design. The flaming building of the Policeman respins is the highlight – though smashing things as the Invisible man is a lot of fun.

20 Line Two Directions Setup

It does not take long to get used to wins coming from both directions in this game – with the moving wilds helping you win on both sides of the reels. You can’t adjust the 20 win-lines in play, though you are welcome to change your coin size, and to then bet up to 10 coins per line. Auto-play is a standard feature for NetEnt slot games.

Overall Experience

There is little doubt for me that this is one of the best Net Entertainment slots – and a game which gives a lot of other movie tie-in titles by other slot software houses a serious run for their money. The base game has unique game-play, with the moving wilds going in both directions (plus respins). It is the bonus games which you’ll want to play, these start with the free spins, before giving you the chance to win big in two completely different games. Check out this incredible new slot for yourself soon!

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