Gonzo’s Quest Slot from NetEnt

Sometimes, an online slot captures the public imagination and goes on to become a big hit. Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt is one of those titles – and is a firm favorite at online casinos around the world. The theme is the quest for the legendary city of El Dorado (which was a serious endeavor in the 15th century in South America).

This slot has blocks that fall into place rather than reels, and uses the cascading wins feature – where wins explode and get replaced by more symbols. As you hit more wins, the multiplier for them goes up.

There is a ‘free falls’ bonus round, where you can win up to 12x the prizes listed in the pay table. While you play Gonzo, the hero of this slot, will stand to the left of the reels, reacting to you wins and scratching his beard intermittently if you get a few losing spins.


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How to Win on Gonzo’s Quest

Cascading reels means that you will often hit multiple wins in a single spin. Every time you hit a win, it explodes (literally, with a bang, the symbols turning to dust) after your prize is awarded. This leaves anything from 3+ holes on the reels. The blocks fall down to fill them, with brand new ones appearing at the top. If you hit another win then the cycle repeats, with a 2x multiplier, then a 3x one and finally 5x. Short sequences are fairly common – and when you hit the free falls (free spins) bonus game, the multipliers become much bigger.

All of the symbols are Mayan masks with different somewhat muted colors. These look really good, and the animation where they fall into place on each spin is also excellent.

The grey one with golden eyes and golden decorations coming from its cheeks is the best paying symbol. This is worth 2500 coins for 5, 250 for 4 and 50 for just 3. Next comes a green mask, with its tongue sticking out – worth 1000 for 5. One which looks like a cross between a bear and a pig with big teeth is next at 500 coins, with a slightly sinister purple one at 200. As well as these face-on masks, there are sideways animals. These make up the smaller and more frequent wins (and do help to keep the cascade sequences going).

There is a wild, which substitutes for any of the other symbols. This is a grey block with a golden question mark on it.

Free Falls Bonus with Big Multipliers

Golden masks trigger the free falls feature. You’ll need to hit these consecutively on a win line, and will get 10 free falls (spins) for every line containing 3 of them. There is a nice sequence where the symbols become mechanical, opening up the reels to allow your host Gonzo to walk through towards the golden city of Eldorado.

Game play is essentially the same (though the background to the reels is gold, rather than jungle / stone). The big difference comes with the multipliers for your wins. The base multiplier is 3x for everything, and this goes up to 6x, 9x and then 12x as you get winning sequences via the cascading wins feature. You can add more free spins to your total during play with 3+ consecutive golden masks.



Detailed Jungle Design

NetEnt always produce their slots well, though for me Gonzo’s Quest stands out even by their normally high standards. There is an entertaining opening sequence where our hero jumps ship to set out on the quest for El Dorado by himself. He then stays to the left of the reels while you play, often jumping and dancing for wins (and even doing a somersault in front of the reels for extra big ones or using his helmet to catch coins). Around the reels is a detailed jungle scene, with a waterfall coming from a mask on the right and leafy overhang on the left.

The symbols are very detailed, and full of character. These all look like Mayan masks or statues. They do not animate, instead exploding and turning to dust – to allow some new symbols to take their place. When you hit the free spins game the animation is excellent, with a golden pyramid coming into view behind the reels. The sound effects are understated – though ambient jungle noises do add to the game.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Setup

This is a 20-line slot, and those win-lines are not adjustable. What you can adjust is your coin size (from 1c and up per line) and your multiplier (up to 10 coins per line) You can choose max bet, which gives a 10x multiplier with your current coin size, and / or auto-play.

Overall Experience

It only takes one session with Gonzo’s Quest to see why this is such a big hit. The key is the balance between solid game-play, the chance of some very big wins, and the overall great design and humor of the game. The free falls is the highlight, and the opportunity to hit a 12x multiplier on your wins is there throughout this. The other highlight is Gonzo himself, who will keep you entertained from his station on the left of the reels while you play.

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