Fruit Shop Slot from NetEnt

Sometimes it is good to get away from the complex games, detailed graphics and intense production – and enjoy a light and simple video slot game.

Fruit Shop from Net Entertainment is entertaining, while being really simple to play. On top of that it has a cheerful feel to it, with silly music and sound effects adding to the colorful fruit design.

The only feature is a free spins routine, though this kicks in whenever you hit a win – usually for just a few spins. With all wins doubled during the free spins game, this is where you have the biggest potential for large wins.



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How to Win on Fruit Shop

There are 5 reels and a total of 15 win-lines to line up fruit or playing card symbols – with the fruits at the top of the payout lists. Cherries are the best paying symbol (often these are last), and will pay 2000 coins for 5 of a kind, 300 coins for 4, 25 for 3 and 5 coins for just 2 from the left. The only other symbol to reach double figures is a plum, which is worth 1000 coins for the full 5. These are backed up by a lemon, orange and melon – which pay 750, 500 and 200 respectively for the full set of 5. With the exception of the cherry, all of the wins require at least 3 from the left to trigger a prize.

Bright blue playing card symbols from ace down to 10 make up the smaller and more frequent wins.

The only other symbol on the reels is a wild. This is the Fruit Shop logo symbol – showing some leaves in a yellow square. This symbol will substitute for any of the symbols covered above to create more wins, and will double any win that it becomes a part of.

Frequent Free Spins

Fruit Shop will give you a lot of free spins. These are triggered when you hit a win of 3 or more consecutive symbols. Mostly you’ll get just 1 or 2 free spins to start off with (though a 5 of a kind win will trigger 5 of them). What happens is that the screen turns orange, a happy bass-led tune starts to play and you get a counter for your remaining free spins in the top right corner.

During the free spins game, all wins are doubled (and you can still get the wilds, which double the wins a second time). What is better is that those wins will add more free spins, up to 5 depending on how many fruits or card symbols you line up. Most of the free spins games are over fairly quickly – though on the plus side it is easy to trigger these once again.



Greengrocer Shop Design

The reels are enclosed by a shopfront, with a yellow striped canopy over the top and the colorful logo – which looks like it is made out of watermelon – is moved over the to the left hand side. You will immediately notice how clean and uncluttered the reels and symbols look, even though the symbols are on the large side compared to many other slots. These are all bold and bright colors, while they look good the effect is plain rather than detailed or artistic.

There are no real animations, only flashing boxes and lines on the screen to highlight your win. Sounds that go with the wins are bright and happy. When you hit the free spins the background of the reels does change (to a brown / orange color) and that over the top cheerful music will play continually.

Fruit Shop Slot Setup

You’ll have 15 win lines for this game – which are not changeable by the user. You can bet from as little as 1c per line, and play up to 10 coins per line by using the ‘bet level’ option. As always for NetEnt slots, there is a ‘bet max’ and an ‘auto-play’ option offered.

Overall Experience

This is a simple and bright slot that it is hard not to like. While the game play is nothing too exciting, the pace is very fast and the sound effects and bold colors make the game feel light and entertaining compared to many other titles. Doubled wins in the frequent free spins rounds do give you the potential for some bigger prizes.

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