Fantasini Master of Mystery Slot from NetEnt

This beautifully produced video slot from Net Entertainment is based on a fictional stage illusionist of the 19th century called Fantasini.

You’ll find atmospheric (almost suspenseful) music and creative visuals on the reels of this – and wins are frequent thanks to the 243 winning combinations ‘all-ways’ setup. There is a unique feature in which 2 or more reels become linked, or synchronized.

This can help get a lot of the same symbols in view – helping hit those bigger wins. There is no break out feature or free spins round for this title.


Fantasini Master of Mystery - A Great Illusionist Awaits

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  • How to Win on Fantasini – Master of Mystery

    All-ways wins mean that symbols can be in any position on consecutive reels from the left and still trigger a payout. This also means wins are more frequent (it is hard to miss a payout), often come in groups (stacked symbols on one of the 3 reels ensure at least 3 wins) and subsequently smaller in terms of money – since there are so many potential combinations.

    The single biggest paying symbol is a lady with a blue / white swirling pattern around her head. This lady will bring you 1000 coins for 5, 250 for 4 and 50 coins for just 3. A mysterious looking chained red box comes next at 500 coins for 5 – followed by a disembodied hand holding a glowing turquoise orb at 400. Handcuffs and some playing cards with a dagger through them make up the smaller wins. Playing card symbols fulfil their usual role of completing the smaller wins.

    There is a wild symbol which features a guy staring intently out of the reels at you – presumably Fantasini himself. This will substitute for any of the other symbols to create more wins.

    Linked Reels Feature

    When you spin the reels you will see 2 or more of them surrounded by a golden chain with padlocks spaced around it. The symbols within these reels then synchronize, with identical symbols on each row. These can be in any position, and will sometimes grow (along with some extra dramatic music) to cover 3, 4 or even all 5 reels. This is where your biggest wins will generally come from – especially those times the linked reels contain stacked symbols.

    Wilds can combine with this feature, though there are no break out or special bonus rounds other than the linked reels on the Fantasini slot.

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    Mysterious Design

    The production of this slot is impressive. While you do not get the 3D visuals and effects of newer games, Net Entertainment has done a great job of bringing the atmosphere of these 19th century illusionists to life. There is not too much around the reels, with only the typography of the logo of note. Within the reels the symbols are beautifully created, often with a lot of detail. The people stand out somewhat, though for me the mystery box and the hand with the glowing orb are the best symbols.

    There is not too much in the way of animation, with the symbols only growing in size and having golden boxes around them. The linked reels feature adds some color, with the golden chain and flashes as the number of linked reels expand very lively. Music is another matter, this is background type music – like the score of a move – and reaches peaks and troughs along with your play.

    25 Line NetEnt Setup

    The base setup for Fantasini is very much a standard 25 lines over a 3 by 5 grid. Using the 243-ways winning system means that win lines are not used in the traditional sense. Instead you choose your coin value, and your ‘level’ which is the number of coins to bet per line (25 in this case). This does give you plenty of flexibility in terms of your bet sizing. As always NetEnt provide a ‘max bet’ button and an auto-play which lets you choose from pre-set spin options.

    Overall Experience

    This is a solid and enjoyable (though relatively simple) game. The only notable aspect is the linked reels feature, which can bring sometimes link all 5 reels – bringing you several 5 of a kind wins. It is the production and design which make this slot worth playing. NetEnt have done a great job of bringing the era of the great stage illusionists to life.