Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood

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One of the best known fairytales in the world, Little Red Riding Hood is the story of a young girl in a red cape who goes walking through the woods to visit her grandmother, only to encounter a dangerous wolf along the way. Over the years, many versions have been written and re-written, including a famous adaptation by the Brothers Grimm. Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood online game brings this beloved story into the wide world of video slots, providing a way for players to experience the big bad wolf for themselves.

If you consider yourself a fan of Little Red Riding Hood, you’ll love an interactive way to bring a favorite story to life. In this video slot by NetEnt, gamblers can take a trip down memory lane with this thrilling chance to win. With free and real-money capabilities and compatibility on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, it’s always the right time to take a walk into the woods.

Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood

Playing Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood

A fairy flits across the screen to get the game started, reminding you of the magical journey that awaits you in this fairytale recreation. The background boasts a wooded hill, filled wth dancing leaves and a rustic path. Little Red Riding Hood herself walks next the reels while they spin, carrying a basket on her arm while birds chirp merrily in the background.

Before getting started, set your bet along the bottom of the reels. Bets are a combination of coin levels and coin value, allowing you to adjust volatility as you see fit. Bet levels go up to 10, or 200 coins, while coin value ranges from $0.01 to $1.00. Combined, these two figures provide your total bet amount.

Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood has a fairly standard layout, offering a basic 5×3 reel setup with 20 paylines. Click the spin button at the bottom center to get started, and watch the magic-inspired symbols roll by. Players can expect an assortment of playing cards, ranging from 10 to King, as well as large books, the Fairytale Legends logo, locked treasure chests, a delicate rose, and a jewel-encrusted key.

When you spin and win, the paylines are illuminated and numbers flash, letting you know exactly how many coins you won. As with most video slots, wins start with three of a kind across paylines, with special symbols adding to your winnings. Reels are fixed as well, creating a predictable pattern that may become tedious over time. Jackpots in Fairtale Legends games are not progressive.

The Wild symbol is immediately evident, featuring Little Red Riding Hood herself with the word Wild at the bottom of her image. She appears on reels two, three, and four throughout the main game. When you hit on two or more Wilds in one spin, they become sticky, automatically triggering a respin on the other reels. The locked treasure chest symbol is the Scatter, and is only available on reels one, three, and five.

Fun Features

What would a fairytale be without a little excitement?

Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood is really defined by its random events, offering an unprompted way to score piles of coins. There are three here: Fairy Magic Spin, Fairy Surprise, and Fairy Wild Spin. Each comes with its own benefits, enhancing game play exponentially.

Fairy Magic Spin offers five to ten symbols that overlay the reels, increasing your chances at a hitting multiple paylines on a single spin. Should you win big, a fanfare will play with your win displayed in large numerals. Fairy Wild Spin adds one to four sticky Wild symbols across reels two, three, and four, with the possibility for a sticky Wild re-spin.

Fairy Surprise is a little different. It can only be triggered after a non-winning spin. When this occurs, all lower playing cards are transformed into a medium-level special symbol. This essentially guarantees a win, and the surprise continues as long as winning combinations appear.

In addition to these random events, getting three Scatter symbols can unlock a whole world of amazing bonus opportunities. When this occurs, players must choose one of the three chests to blindly pick one of three rewards. Coin Win is the most basic, and provides a simple 15x multiplier. Free Spins activates Free Spin mode, providing 10 free spins with the possibility for more when additional Scatters arise. The Beware the Wolf feature is the most interesting, providing a path to Grandma’s cottage for Little Red Riding Hood to follow. Players can find special symbols along the path that provide major multipliers and other goodies.

The Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy a video slot while reminiscing about your childhood, few games can match what Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood has in store. As in the story, the world isn’t as innocent as it appears, and Little Red’s game has a lot of volatility in store. Big wins are often an exercise in patience, as many standard playing cards adorn the fixed reels. Most spins aren’t winners, but the ones that are will be worth your while.

The bonus features add a nice touch here, but some players may be put off by the randomness. The frequency is excellent, however, with many random events occuring throughout game play. The promise of multiple Scatters is also a nice gesture, and many gamblers will delight in choosing a chest for the chance at a bigger bonus.

With great graphics, adequate extra features, and a creative theme players both young and old will appreciate, there’s no denying that Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood is a solid slot with a lot of promise.

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