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Evolution is Net Entertainment’s latest effort to take the video slot game to another level with a very surreal and bold theme that will certainly blow your mind.  This 25-payline, 5-reel slot game uses the body parts of various animals as symbols, and as weird as it sounds, it works perfectly as a video slot theme. Animal body parts on this planet are morphed with animal body parts of mythological creatures. As you might guess, the combinations lead to some bizarre symbols.

Symbols include Albus Slugus, Draconius Rex, and Basilisk Pluma alongside other weird and breathtaking animal combinations, which take the meaning of the term evolution to a completely new level.


How to Play Evolution

The main objective of this video slot is spinning the reels such that the symbols create a winning combination on a payline. The winning combination created determines the payout. This game is played with 1-10 bet levels, different coin values, and 25 bet lines. You should start by placing a bet via the button with positive and negative signs that increase or decrease the coin size respectively. To bet the maximum possible number of the coins permitted, the bet max button will automatically set the bet at the highest value and activate the spin automatically.

Special Features

The slot’s wild symbols appear on several reels (3, 2, 4, and 5) and substitute for all other symbols with the exception of free spin. At least 3 free spin symbols that appear on the reels are likely to activate the free spins – 15 for four, 10 for three, and 20 for all the 5 symbols. Alongside free spins, the slot player is transported to a conventional game world or an evolution feature when free spins are activated.

When free spins are triggered, the evolution feature is activated, and the player is taken to a new and gorgeous world within the main game. The interface not only changes, but also lower symbols instantly evolve into higher symbols, giving the player a chance to win higher payouts.

Another plus of this evolution feature is that more free spins can be earned, so you can continue to stay longer with a possibility of making greater winning combinations. After the free spins round completes, you will be hurled back down to your initial world through an interesting meteor crash. Your balance then increases with your wins.


The main interface of the Evolution slot (the first world) features sharp graphics and soothing sounds that are reminiscent of peaceful, underwater sounds. This underwater world is comprised of single-celled and amoeba-like symbols, which evolve into scatter symbols as the game advances.

As these lower form symbols advance, you may identify parts of a few of the creatures found on this planet. However, those parts combine with other mythological animal forms to create symbols that are out of this world. As each symbol evolves from the lower to the advanced forms, you will hear a pinging sound.

Bonus Features

The evolution bonus feature is the main feature in this game. To trigger this feature, you must land at least three free spins symbols upon the reels. Hitting three of these free spins symbols will give you 10 free spins, four will give 15 free spins, and five free spins symbols will yield 20 free spins.

The unique part about the Evolution bonus feature is that you are moved to a brand new game, which features more symbols, a change of scenery, higher payouts, and the opportunity to win more free spins.


Evolution slot is not available on mobile, but it is part of an instant play software platform making it Mac-friendly with no download necessary to play.

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