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EggOmatic is the latest 20-line video slot produced by Net Entertainment. This slot features robotic chickens that produce golden eggs. So the storyline goes that a rooster has just invented a high-end egg factory having a production line of varying types of eggs. The challenge comes when the production line breaks down, and the rooster needs to catch the eggs himself, further proving that there are no limits on crazy slot themes.

EggOmatic has a broad array of bets from 0.01 to 1.00 with up to 10 coins per line. EggOmatic is popular with high rollers because it offers a maximum bet of 200.00 per line. On the other hand, players can bet as little as 0.01 per spin, making it just as popular with low-budget casino players as well. Additionally, automatic spins mode will activate up to 75 auto spins at a time.


How to Play

To start playing the EggOmatic slot for real money, you will just need to initiate an account at your favorite Net Entertainment powered casino and make a real money deposit. Because all games are browser-based, you will not need to download any software to play EggOmatic. Once you have accessed the game, set it to full screen, select your bet, and spin.

The EggOmatic spews out eggs regularly, and they travel on a conveyor belt located above the reels. If a wild chicken shows up beneath the egg then the eggs can be caught. This will cause your egg to fall after which your prizes will be collected.

Green eggs, bearing a number, may appear on the conveyer. If the wild chicken manages to catch one of these rare and unique eggs, you will win the amount of free spins indicated on that egg. To make things even more exciting, during this particular bonus round, the EggOmatic generates more free eggs per spin and more wilds than during a regular game. In other words, free spins can continue for a longer time with more numerous prizes than when in regular spins mode.

The conveyor also drops another rare egg: the blue egg marked with W. If the wild chicken gets hold of such an egg, more wilds will instantly appear on the nearby icons and reels. This greatly increases your possibilities of winning the prize, particularly during free spins as eggs appear above each reel.

The rarest of all eggs is the stripped egg because it contains a surprise. This amazing egg will reward a free spin egg, coin win, or the spreading wild egg.

Bonus Options

EggOmatic does not have a specific bonus game, but on a regular basis, the EggOmatic machine emits a special egg on the right side of the screen which moves to the left side of the screen where it disappears. The special egg drops on the conveyor just above the reels.

If one of these eggs reveals the wild chicken symbol beneath it, it will fall into the chicken’s arms, allowing you to win that prize. The different eggs available follow:

Coin Win Egg – When you catch this egg, you can win a number of coins. The level of winnings is dependent on the stakes you have bet. The prize range is 50 to 2500 coins.

Spreading Wild Egg – After catching this egg, the surrounding symbols turn into wilds making it easier for winning combos to form.

Free Spins Egg – Grabbing this egg allows you to win random spins ranging from 7 to 50.

Surprise Egg – Nabbing this egg give you a chance to win any of the above prizes.

EggOmatic is not currently offered on the mobile platform, but like all Net Entertainment games, it is web-based and requires no download, whether you are playing for free or real money, thus, making it readily available to Mac casino users.

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