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Vampire slots are not a new idea, though there are few games which can boast the lavish production of Dracula from Net Entertainment. This 5-reel video slot opens with an animation which sees a young lady running away from bats – she will later play a pivotal role in the free spins game.

You’ll have a muscular and ‘cool’ looking Dracula sitting to the left of the reels and reacting to your play throughout. The special sound (headphones are recommended to get the best of this) only adds to the dark atmosphere. In addition to the free spins bonus, a ‘bat feature’ will randomly cover the reels in multiple instances of the same symbol.


How to Win on Dracula

This game has 20 win-lines, and a maximum win per spin of a generous 80,000 coins. To get close to this you’ll need to trigger multiple wins at the same time – as these are individually on the lower side. Hitting multiple wins is helped by wild symbols, as well as the bat feature and fact that symbols often appear stacked on the reels.

Dracula himself is the best paying symbol, worth 200 coins for 5 of a kind, 80 for 4 and 20 coins for just 3. The lady who joins him on the reels to trigger the free spins has the same prizes. There are 3 more characters, all of them look like they are based on Victorian London. There is a large lady in a big hat and fur coat, a bearded guy smiling at a glass bottle and a young guy with money in his hand (presumably begging). All of these are worth 60 coins for the full 5.

Playing card symbols are used in this slot, these are presented on golden plaques, with different levels of decoration.

Wilds do not have payouts of their own, and only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. These substitute for all of the other symbols to create more wins.

Bat Bonus and Free Spins

Randomly while you play, Dracula, sitting to the left of the reels will look focused and then turn into a swarm of bats. These fly over the reels and create a group of the same symbols. You are not guaranteed a win every time this happens – though if they fall well with the remaining symbols and wilds this can certainly give you some big prizes.

Hitting a stacked (3 symbols high) version of Dracula on reel 2 and the lady on reel 4 will trigger the bonus game. In addition, these symbols are wild. You get 10 free spins to start with, and can earn more spins by hitting either of these stacked symbols during play. During the free spins game Dracula and the lady both stand to the left of the reels, each spin, Dracula turns into a group of bats – adding grouped symbols to the reels.

I should also add that the sequence before the free spins is well worth seeing. Here you see a map, starting in Transylvania, a swarm of bats flies to London – where the lady is waiting.

Stunning Animated Design

Overall, the design of this game is stunning. The animated sequence while the game loads is a great taste of what is to come. My favorite animation is the ‘big win’, where you will see a full screen dark animation featuring and exploding Dracula. Even the hisses of your host as he sits to the left of the reels during the base game add to the effect (as do the bats which come out of the spin button when you click it).

The symbols are detailed and well produced, each with its own animation when it is involved in a win. One to look out for is the little beggar guy, his smiling face turns to terror before the symbol blacks out! Sounds are very impressive. This slot uses a ‘binaural’ sound system (special effects in stereo), you’ll get the best from these by wearing headphones.

Dracula Slot Setup Options

This slot has a fixed 20 win-lines. As with most NetEnt games, you can choose the coin value and the ‘level’ – which is the number of coins per line. The smallest spin is 40c (2 coins per line at level 1) with the biggest €200. There is an auto-play, mute and ability to use the spacebar of your computer to spin the reels.

Overall Experience

This is one of the best NetEnt titles- and for many reasons. It is not an overly fancy or complex slot – instead focusing on the free spins, bat feature and impressive immersive graphics and sound. Your host adds some real character to the game, and those animated sequences are worth playing this game just to see. Make sure you check out the Dracula slot for yourself soon!

History of Count Dracula

No other vampire quite captures the imagination like Count Dracula. This was the creation of Irish author Bram Stoker. In the original story, the Transylvanian (part of modern day Romania) count attempted to move to Victorian London to taste new blood. Anyone bitten by a vampire in this book became one themselves – creating the specter of an epidemic of the undead.

Vampires did feature in folk tales and stories before Bram Stoker’s book – though the modern form was largely created by him. Things like aversion to garlic and sunlight and being killed by a stake through the heart (as well as the bat / man transformation) came from this authors vivid imagination.

Over the years the legend of Dracula has been the subject of many films and TV shows. The first feature film was produced by Tod Browning in 1931. This seminal piece starred Bela Lugosi in the lead role. In 1992, a much darker and more intense movie was created – Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This starred Antony Hopkins, Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman.

The influence of Dracula can be seen in the many modern day vampire series and movies. While the ‘Twilight’ franchise did not use the heavy gothic imagery of Dracula, the influence of Bram Stoker’s original can be seen throughout.


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