Champion of the Track Slot from NetEnt

Champion of the Track is a horse racing inspired slot, where all of the excitement of races such as the Kentucky Derby are right there in front of you.

You’ll notice immediately that around the reels there is a track, giving the slot the appearance of a board game, and you’ll proceed around this track by gaining achievements throughout the free spins and bonus rounds, where extra rewards can head your way.

The bonus round sees you picking a jockey and watching a race play out, while the free spins round is one of the best you’ll find online as it can seemingly go on forever.


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How to Win on Champion of the Track

To find out the rules and payouts of the game you’ll bring up the pay table, this is original in itself as it is shaped just like a race card. The jockey standing proudly within a garland has the top payout of all, worth an impressive 10,000 coins for hitting the maximum 5 in a row. This jockey also acts as the wild symbol, meaning it will substitute for any other symbol apart from the bonus, often triggering extra wins. A rosette, horseshoes, a timer, binoculars and the images of four different jockeys standing with their back to the camera make up the rest of the standard symbols.

A Triple Crown of Champion of the Track Features

Career Bonus – The main feature of the game is based around the track which is found on the outside of the reels, this representing your career. Along the way you’ll find two golden cups and reaching either of these will see you win an immediate payout. However, if you make it all the way to the end of the track you’ll find the ‘Champion’s Trophy’ heading your way and another nice prize. The total winning amount on the career bonus can be as much as 97,000 coins.

Bonus Game – The bonus symbol is represented by a golden trophy, once again within a garland. To enter the bonus feature you’ll need to land three of these in succession on a win line. The feature starts with you picking one of four jockeys and being awarded an immediate prize. However, you’ll now see your jockey in action as a race takes place, where you’ll be able to cheer on your selection. The higher your horse finishes, the more prize money you’ll win, as well as more steps along the career track.

Free Spins Feature – The free spins bonus round is activated by landing the scatter symbol three times or more across any of the reels (as well as awarding you an instant payout when just two or more scatters appear). You’ll have 10 free spins to start and each of these are more valuable than usual, as they are the subject of a 2x multiplier. Below the reels you’ll see an animated training track during the free spins. Every time you land a scatter symbol during the free spins you’ll overtake a horse while training and if you manage to overtake 5 horses in total, you’ll gain an additional 10 free spins. Each time you earn these additional spins you’ll also make another move along the career track.

Racetrack Design with 30 Win Line Setup

Champion of the Track has a good compact design, where the developers NetEnt have managed to cram all of the features onto the screen while managing to keep it stylish. The combination of the green track and the range of symbols give the slot a great deal of color, while the soundtrack does a fine job of making you feel like you are actually at the track. The graphics at both the free spins feature and the bonus game manage to take the game to another level too.

If you take away all of the bonus features, you are actually left with something of a standard five-reel slot, with a total of 30 win lines, although this base game plays a much lesser role than you’ll find at other games. If you want the action to play out automatically, hit the small auto button on the bottom of the screen and watch the action unfold for between 10 and 1,000 spins.

Overall Experience

You could say that this is a game which will appeal to all horse racing fans (which it certainly will!), but this wouldn’t do the slot any sort of justice. This slot will appeal to a much wider audience, as it is feature filled and fun packed throughout. Having the free spins and the bonus feature alone would make for a top class slot, but the addition of the career track only enhances the game.

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